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Promoting Quality Education and Autodidactism

Despite decades of reforms and school improvement initiatives, large numbers of students are still underachieving, failing or being pushed out of school. Clearly a distinctly new approach is needed – one that takes into account the global diaspora and increasing school demographic diversity. Unless educators begin to take account of differences in students’ material realities and lived experiences, ongoing lack of

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Gender inequalities in the world

The movement to equalize the rights of women and men is fairly recent. It was particularly widespread in Western societies in the 1960s thanks to the feminist movements which were developed in the late nineteenth century. The progress towards equality between women and men is real, but the road is still long. Less numerous than men on the planet since the 1950s, women are 3.6 billion out of nearly 7.4 billion people. They live longer all over the world. But this is one of the few advantages that they can claim in relation to men. For the rest, the inequalities are systematically in their disfavour.
It is essential to point out that women-men inequalities are closely linked to gender inequalities. The observation of the permanence of gender inequalities resulting from the observation of statistics shapes and reinforces the representations already present in societies. Continue reading

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In the Smog—A Thinking About Sustainable Industrialization

I composed this essay while on a high-speed rail from Beijing to Shanghai when Beijing’s Air Pollution Index was seriously overweighted. I discussed the problem of industrialization. Instead of focusing on promoting sustainable industrialization, I discussed how to take action to make industrialization more sustainable regarding the aspects of the economy, environment, and society. I proposed the idea that consumers are the main stakeholders of sustainable industrialization, and I promoted a minimalist value to the readers. Continue reading

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