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How your old phone can change lives

“Quality in education gives people the chance to break free from the cycle of poverty and is the key that will allow many other Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved.” (United Nations, 2015)

Education is one of the Sustainable Development Goals set in 2015. Goals that should help to reduce the gaps between First and Third World countries. But what if that gap has only grown bigger over the years? Internet and in particular the devices in our hands, give us the possibility to gain any knowledge, at anytime, anywhere we want. Giving those who do have access to it an advantage on those who don’t. But what might have made this gap bigger could also be the solution. Continue reading

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Education was eligible for what and for who ?

Perhaps this is the core of the many questions about the problems of education in the world. Let’s start from the problems often encountered in many underdeveloped countries to developing countries in the world, there are many children are supposed to learn and go to school, but they were working for his livelihood. On other side there are many children who are ahead of them. Where they get more opportunities to study in university level. This is not only because of lucky factor. We know that a lot of things is the basis of this problem. However, let’s try to resolve this issue with shaping our mindset to think that education is one of the important points in our lives. In order to solve the problems that we often encounter in this life also needs education, to create a new innovation, even to have a strong intuition that we need education to train it. Continue reading

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The Education system; Corruption, Downsides and Improvements.

The definition of education in The Wikipedia Encyclopedia is “Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.” If this is the true meaning of education, then is it applied that way on our school system? Definitely not ! To begin with, traditional education focuses on teaching instead of learning. However, the meaning of learning is mistaken for memorization

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“Health, A Valuable Of Inestimable Worth “

Life is beautiful isn’t it but I want us all to contemplate and have a deep thought about this, ” how beautiful would it be if one isn’t healthy? . How would one who is on the brink of death smile? . How would anyone who doesn’t even have a cup of water to drink be happy and healthy? . How would one who is suffering from the worst of pains want to live?.
If you had a chance to help put an end to their cries, wouldn’t you ?
Health which is indispensable is crying out loud and calling out to be part of the lives of the people suffering but how would it be possible when they can’t make it across the bridge to reach for it?
“Health, A Valuable Of Inestimable Worth ” you would realise as you read further . Continue reading

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