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Under the Sea

Under the sea. There are schools, trafic, inhabitance and polution. These uninvited guest cause the decline of many spiecies within the ocean. In 1492 the Europeans invaded the Aztects, the Aztects were almost completly wiped out as was most of there culture. This whats happening to the cities under the sea. Armies of debris are attacking our reefs and waging war, a war the marnine life are losing. We need to help them and there are many people, organisations and companies that can help in this fight. Continue reading

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Time to end Poverty

Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn’t commit. Almost everyone agrees that poverty is not a good thing. Almost everyone would like to end poverty. Almost everyone would benefit from ending poverty. So why don’t we? I’ve been living in Mauritius since 1998 and I want to share a field perspective with you on global poverty. I believe that the greatest failure of the human race is the fact that we’ve left more than one billion of our members behind. Poverty often seems like a gigantic, insurmountable problem or too big to solve. Together we can end poverty for good. We must do it. Continue reading

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I want to be the voice of my community. Through my written works, I want to speak to the covered ears and eyes of every government official so that they will know what I witness and what I hear but they do not hear and see. I want to influence people, to participate stop poverty in every nation. That If we have a good government and leader who will cooperate and rightly use the money people I believe that we will have a better nation.

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For humans, not for animals

With about 5,800 people slain in “Oplan Tokhang” and vigilante killings, awful it is that President Duterte’s drug crackdown continues to be accepted and approved by 84 percent of the Filipinos, a Social Weather System (SWS) survey show. However, most of those who have approved the drug war also believe that drug personalities should be brought to justice and right

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