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poverty is a problem that affects a large percentage of the world’s population and will continue to spread until serious action is taken against it by the wealthier nations. However, the amount of obligation, if any, that countries feel they have to deal with such a problem is a main source of controversy and one of the reasons why poverty is taking so long to be reduced. Continue reading

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Clusters of energy within us

In this essay I express the thoughts I had on a Friday night during a power outage in my town. I wrote this essay in a way to convince the reader how important energy is, through a perspective I thought of. Here I press on the issue explaining that change is eternal and that we should seek change, whenever possible. I hope that this essay motivates you and help you understand the importance of modern sources of energy. Continue reading

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Gender equality: the new Atlantis

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “gender equality”? Do you imagine an ideal world where the difference of genitalia between humans doesn’t matter? Or perhaps you think of women with tuxedoes or men with skirts who aren’t judged for their choices. For me, I immediately seem to picture a protest led by women, simply asking for the same rights as their counterpart. And that in itself says a lot. Continue reading

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