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Is perfect education a utopia?

<div id=”inner-editor”></div>         What do we lack for quality education? Government actions? NGOs? More schools? More jobs? More teachers? After all, how will we do the education we want in the world we want? This is a good question and the purpose of this text is not to answer this question, but to give a valid and interesting alternative, but difficult to apply these

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“To educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate family(nation) “. This profound statement was made by one of the century’s greatest educators Dr. Kwegyir Aggrey who spoke emphatically concerning the positive impact of girl child education to the world.He explicitly expressed than in reciprocity educated women produce succesful educated generation, this was

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The Decrease Of Poverty Is the Increase Of Joy

Joy is entitled to every humanbeing that is created by God on the surface of the earth. Our families, our countries, and our one world, will receive great joy if, we fight strongly and tirelessly to defeat poverty.
In Africa and other parts of the world, the masses is living in abject poverty. According to UNICEF, half of the world’s children live in poverty.
We will decrease poverty in our countries and the world as large except, we know know; what is poverty, the causes and effects of poverty. Meanwhile, let me give a highlight on poverty. Continue reading

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Why We Are Killing Our Oceans

The world marine vertebrate population declined by 49% between 1970 and 2012. Right now, 1,081 types of fish worldwide are listed as threatened or endangered by the World Conservation Union. Although we could point fingers at major corporations or fisheries which use unsustainable methods, we, regular people, are the ones to blame. We affect the health of our oceans by

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