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Why successful people eventually dropped out of school to become successful

Recent studies show that the top three reasons students drop out of school: first, it’s because they’re failing too many classes (27.6 %), they’re bored (25.9 %), and “school wasn’t relevant to my life” (20.3%). Other reasons are because of drugs, bullying, mental health or financial issues.   Why drop out exist in the first place? Looking at the reasons

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Violence and law in modern liberal democracy

In its 2016 report, the United Nations Human Development Program warns against the rising global violence undermines progress in human development. I was fortunate to go through it as by then I have noticed how bad modern democratic states have turned yesteryears. The long-simmering crisis in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions has taken a dangerous turn with small explosions targeting local security officials, even as ongoing protests become increasingly vociferous. Henceforth, the CSR Matters was a recent opportunity for me to discuss the value of violence in democracy nowadays. Continue reading

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Peace: Can we survive without it?

Can we actually? This is a question that keeps spinning in our heads as our society takes the “down way”. The formation of current societies shows signs of hostility, anonymity, indifference, violence, and injustice. Criminality rates rise every day, discrimination and prejudice rule among people so as the interest in personal profit. This constitutes one of the issues that United

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The Silence Breakers

             In the era where the president of one of the most powerful countries in the world publicly talks about disrespecting women and has been accused by not one , but multiple people of sexual abuse , sadly , there is no surprise when people come out with their own stories where they have been

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The Plight of Refugees

The 60 million people displaced worldwide as of this year largely consist of refugees attempting to escape war and conflict at home; ironically, they are only met with death and suffering on their voyage to supposed safety. In the poem, “Home” by Warsan Shire and the news article “The Story of Doaa,” by Melissa Fleming, the regular struggles of fleeing

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