Women, they are considered to be the the aspect of beauty and respect in the society. They comprise about half the world population. In number the women seem the same as men, they too are humans, they too are part of society. Yet, the same society doesn’t seem to have equality in between men and women. 

We have a set of characters defined for men and women. All the hard work goes to men and all the soft and decorating work goes to women. Women can’t handle too much pain they are too weak. Yes, such crazy accusations and misleading thoughts prevail in our society. Why is it that our society never sees a woman’s pain, her toil amd her hard work. I speak with confidence right here that no man can handle as much pain as a woman has to bear during child birth. They are strong, just by not having 6 pack abs and huge biceps doesn’t make a woman weak or help less. Her voice, her determination, and her acts if are true then such a woman is far stronger and better than a thousand weak yet arrogant men.

As for hard work men don’t do harder work than woman. If you keep the females restrained to the household works, which is generally seen in third world countries , and only the men are allowed to go out to work then it doesn’t mean they work harder. Just by earning money a person doesn’t become better than one who takes care of all the household chores and manages the children and everything else. Is doing the entire household works not difficult enough to match the values of earning money? Have we become too blind to see that? 

 Not only for house hold works but such is the case in politics, sports, and many other aspects of our lives. It is not women who are weak and unable to compete but it is the society’s acts that have made a woman look weak. From birth girls are given red and pink coloured teddy bears and flowers while the boys are given toy guns and robots that just say “DESTRUCTION”. Girls are expected to be polite and neat and learm the household tasks. Boys are expected to go out and play and act “LIKE A MAN”. If we can’t give the girls proper mindset and daring thoughts then how can we accuse them of looking a bit incompetent in front of men. Such acts are pure disrespect to human values. 

So to control such acts what can we do? Well as you probably expected the answer is “gender equality.” It is necessary to maintain the equal status of men and women if we ever expect for a better world. Men and women must be at equal standards both in mentality and in actions.

Gender equality will solve all the misleading thoughts that are mentioned in the initials of this essay. It will also keep the world on a constant pace for success. The joy and beauty of everyone, men, women and the other genders ,all working in harmony for a common moral goal is sure to be godly. If we could all just take a moment and see the world around us we will the fact that I am trying to express in this essay. This technologically advanced world is made by very little contribution of women since most of them were discriminated due to gender inequality. The point is had all the women obtained opportunities as men the work force would have been almost double and the resultant world would be a a sight of perfection and the height of success. Now let us imagine that world and ensure that all our actions lead only towards creating that perfect world. Then for sure our world would be a better one. 

We need to maintain gender equality and to do so we need to take certain initiatives for gender equality. We must have awareness programmes conducted in the rural areas. There should be free education upto secondary level for girls in poor places. Reservation of seats for women empowerment can be equally helpful as well. Strengthening the law for women rights must be done. But it must be taken into consideration that women may not use the laws for harassing men. Counselling sessions should be conducted in the developing and under developed countries to ensure gender equality. Discrimination on the basis of gender must be prohibited by law. Equal opportunities must also be provided to people of all genders to ensure equality.

Perhaps we can bring a change and approach this godly scenario of harmonic work in all genders. But it will surely not happen by me just writing this essay and by you just reading it. It can only be achieved by our actions and by repeated attempts of course. Let us all unite together to make the world a better place. 


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Student with aims to gain values and share it to the world.

11 Comments » for A Better Place
  1. Nanda Ojha says:

    Yours views are really appreciable…. Good going….

  2. Bodha Raj Ojha says:

    The best idea is, human minds have spoken.

  3. Pankaj pal says:

    Outstanding krtik ojha these things which are written by you inspired we all and soon the women will compare equal to man .

  4. Abhishek Raj Shrestha says:

    Its not just women who are the victims. Men too are victimized of gender inequality. In the case of rape cases, even without evidences justice is done on favour of the accuser and innocent men are wrongly punished. Even a mere harrasment accusation of a women by a man will degrade that man’s image in the society by calling him a harraser even though he is not. Women have this privellege of playing the victim and accusing men for harrasment. But men don’t have such privellege of getting sympathy for their harrassment by women.
    They are expected to “MAN UP” and not express how they feel.
    Before men had the power which was misused
    And now women are missusing their power for their dominance, not for equality but for dominance.

  5. Sayam saud says:

    Well done Kritik.Keep it up.

  6. Pravash Bhatta says:

    It may help youths to bring social revolution in our society.

  7. Meera Ojha says:

    Yes you are right.. The written words can’t change the world but the steps towards it might change the world.. And well done kirtik ,what an essay.

  8. Bhawana pant says:

    Outstanding kritik vai

  9. Deepika pandey says:

    Yeah!! it could be a better place..appreciable words and work @kirtik ojha

  10. ashanku ojha says:

    its inspiring…well done bhai…

  11. Nirmala Bam says:

    Great lines kritik babu…keep it up

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