Our world encompasses different social status, culture and identity. And not all are lucky enough to be wealthy. They have the money to buy the resources, their needs and even what they wanted. So, what’s good about those wealthy people? They establish business or run corporations that would offer people products and services from the environment’s resources being processed. But they just can’t take the resources as long as they want, process it and leave it alone without even replacing. Good thing they have the initiative to take care of the environment likewise it’s the source of their income. Corporations have the responsibility tosomehow contribute to the community. With that, here comes—Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) encourages businesses to participate in maintaining world’s sustainability or make mother earth habitable to sustain life for the next generation to come.

 CSR approaches business or corporations so that they would be aware of the impacts of their business in the society, the humanity and the environment. CSR aims to take care of the health and guarantee the safety of the people. They also develop partnership, understanding, knowledge and sharing with the stakeholders to come up with a sustainable development solutions like for example in the problem for poverty. CSR is meant to establish mutual relationship between the business and the environment where both benefits.

Man is a part of the environment. And as said earlier, some people are rich and some are poor. One of the world’s biggest problems is poverty that man is continuously facing. People struggles to survive in the absence of clean water, shelter, food and all the other basic needs. Their day to day living is very crucial as if their only choices are to continue with their miserable life or to die and rest in peace. And it is very sad to say that the children are the most affected by the poverty. At their very young age they’ve experience the hard reality of life, fighting against diseases, and missing their childhood. Though that case is very particular in countries like Africa where the communities are not yet developed

Poverty has made its way from generations to generations affecting people. It may vary in different situations depending on the social status and weights of necessity. Some are driven by the forces of nature that affects their loss. Poverty arises when there is no sufficient commodity or they cannot afford the things they need. In many cases, poverty is handed down from the ancestors or their forefathers to their children without end. But we shouldn’t let it happen again and again so that no one will suffer from it anymore. But the big question is “How could we eradicate it? What are the possible solutions?”

There’s a popular saying, “When there’s a will, there’s a way”. If and only if people are aware on the happenings they would be encouraged to do something about it. One good thing is the CSR that has virtually touched the hearts and open the eyes of big companies or people to share what they’ve got to somehow help resolve the problem of poverty. CSR has reached out to communities to get aids and volunteers for their projects to help people especially in Africa which was like left alone struggling through poverty. They provide assistance such as food, shelter and medication. But that help isn’t enough to completely abolish poverty.

First things first, there should be an adequate financial aid, so there is a need of more and more benefactors. In the case of Africa, the environment there is not good for the people because of the dangers it posses and with the absence of clean water. Hence Africa should be transformed into a healthy community that is habitable to both man and animals. Clean water system should be established there through pipes that cross its countries and supply water from the nearby big bodies of water like Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean—which costs very much. Next, build community hospitals to monitor their health. Then also establish learning institutions for the children or those who would like to learn. Lastly, offer or give them a job, a well-paid job that would eventually lead to their own sustainability. There is no greater joy than a man being kind feeding the smiles of others. A beautiful soul will always be a beautiful soul.

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