In unity, peace and justice are both equally necessary; once justice has been served, peace will be restored. Peace being a state of harmony is referred to an end in violent conflict, whereas justice involves the order of people within a society, and is the accomplishment of serenity. While both thrive on one another for existence, together peace and justice fulfill society’s infrastructural way of living. Also, significant leaders in history have demonstrated peace keeping acts that became powerful movements, and are still in practice to this day. Within a community, people strive for peace to establish security, harmony, and tranquility. 



In the existence of the United Nations, its purpose is to deliver peace in order to serve justice amongst countries. In order for this to carry out, the United Nations must consist of an organization of countries, whose duties are to promote peace, security and cooperation by resorting to an agreement. A main example would be the United States in Iraq. Being one of the countries in the United Nations, its objective is to bring peace and restore harmony as it was, with little violence as possible. To prevent chaos from reoccurring and to maintain peace, a society requires a set of rules and regulations, to maintain the order and law in a justice system. 



By enforcing justice amongst the coloured nation, Nelson Mandela was able to bring peace towards human kind, and settle the differences between the ethnic groups. To overlook one over the other, peace and justice can not fully function in a society, for they are dependent of each other. As such, a community must be enforced with righteous laws, and in order to assure this, both peace and justice must be present on equal terms. To enlighten this concept, historical leaders of civil right movements have overcame unethical situations, to empower society with freedom and abolish injustice laws. Peaceful and justifiable acts have been demonstrated to prove that society can function with these intact.

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