Today’s generation may be exceeding aware of environmental sustainability in comparison to those from the past nonetheless as enlightened as we may have a long way to go until we successfully reach the epitome of a sustainable environment. There are many innovative ideas through which society can expect a healthy, robust, and prosperous city. 

A sustainable city/ eco-city is essentially a designated area which is built with special cogitation given to the environmental factors in order to initiate a road to a healthier, greener and more eco-friendly vicinity. Every resident in the city aims to reduce the intake of energy, food, water etc. 

The most evident way to make an urban area more sustainable would have to be through the act of planting various plant-life in a busy metropolis to counter balance the drastic amount of carbon dioxide produced all the while moderating the extreme temperatures and regulating storms surges and make the city generally less polluted.

Secondly, issuing a ban on all fuel-consuming transportation vehicles will help make the city cleaner and less congested Furthermore enforcing the citizens to opt for healthier alternatives such as bicycles and other machines to make for an improved style of life.

The third modus operate would have to be creating the city’s infrastructure in an efficient design to increase the social integration, as a result, lessening the crime rate significantly, increasing social interaction between citizens and promoting a benevolent and compassionate community. In addition to a more social infrastructure if the city’s space in reprogrammed to deal with the evident issue of overpopulation by making various buildings multitask for example a simple building serving as a library at day and event hall at night.

Moreover, if all products from that specific city are made to be biodegradable, the harm ful impact due to littering would drop significantly thus taking a huge step towards the notion of eradicating pollution from all urban areas. 

Clear, promptly accessible water reservoirs are a budding interest for growing townships. Attempts to reach projected requirements involve a diversity of Internet-based innovations directed at regulating water difficulties examples being droughts, rainwater management, floods, channel leakage, etc.

Giving the residents a voice and importance to show them that they are valued for a mentally healthy community. This can be done by introducing town-annual-meetings, public speaking events, an election for a local mayor and other activities like so to ensure willing involvement from the citizens.

Installing solar panels for a sustainable solar powered city which is not at all reliant on other sources for electricity simultaneously lessening the carbon foot-print established by that particular vicinity further aiding the notion of diminishing pollution once and for all.

Promoting recycling centers for a wholesomer environment; going a step further by organizing more recycling centers around the city, getting the citizens involved in the activites and boosting their knowledge about the importance, significance, and value of a community that recycles and reuses items rather than discarding them.

Establishing a reasonably robust and plausible health-care plan for all citizens so that every resident is ensured about their safety. Using both traditional and modern medicine to create a mix of the best in both for the best treatments being offered to all the ones in need of it. In addition to that if the community has a strong relationship with one another than the medical charities of that particular city are bound to be successful ultimately enabling them to go a step further and offer free medical-care to those in immediate need.

Capitals can aid to diminish food decay by producing perishable produce directly in the city, expanding people’s associations to food and decreasing spoilage-promoting monotonous transition length and time. Alongside water-based gardening, walls, buildings, homes and other structures that have a single function can be manipulated to be assigned as a food-generating area.

(The image provided with my essay depicts the rose bush I have been sustainably grown after rescuing the almost decaying bush from the dispensary nearby. By the end of next June I am expecting a full bloom from my this project.)

Ideas such as these and many more innovative ones will lead to the paradigm of ‘sustainable cities’ in the near future as many of the methods mentioned above have already been put into action but to fully achieve the goal our generation needs to join hands imminently to make our dream society a reality for the generations to come thrive in.


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  1. Emily says:

    Very, very innovative and inspirational! I’d like to try that…

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    Very well written!!

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    Great innovative ideas

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    Really well written, this really changed my perspective on things! Good work!

  5. Emily says:

    Very well written! Absolutely loved it!

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    A good article with clear ideas and accurate vocabularies ????????????????

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