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My name is Jasmine Allison, and I am 15 years old. I strive for success and happiness. I am fluent in both English and Welsh, and extremely proud of my heritage. Science and law appear as my strongest passions, however, I'm constantly searching for doors of opportunity. I strongly believe, as quoted by George. H .W. Bush, "Any definition of a successful life must include service to others".

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  1. Allen Benjamin says:

    Well said , Best wishes …!

  2. Deniz Yengin says:

    Wow your essay is really good and amazing actually i can say the best essay i have ever read.

  3. Batoul says:

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  4. Batoul says:


  5. Halil Rifat says:

    Thank you Jasmine for this post. I am glad to see someone of a young age anonymously on the internet give their opinion and voice for the world to see. I am from the middle east , being one of the more targeted areas for racism. You know what we are all called hear. I am glad to see people like you fight for us. Thank you Jasmine. – Halil Rifat

  6. Tasya Salsa Sabrina says:

    I think thats great essay, I also hope that there will be no more discrimination in the world

  7. Alison says:

    As an older person, looking from the outside in, I’m very saddened to say it takes a 15 year old to put points forward that all of us should of carried out years ago as a human race maybe the world would be a better place

  8. Amen says:

    Good jasmine

  9. Jasvir Boparai says:

    Hi jasmine. i read your eassy and i understand it well but my English is not fluent. I’m beginner in, i can’t text much about it.but, yes now it’s necessary to make new strategy for bullying and need to spread much awareness about it. Also, we have to take some new steps for it and make a peace among youth and children and encourage them to fulfil their dreams and give efforts to their new idealogy about to cahnge world with good cause. Thank you. Nice job.well written. Keep it up????

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  12. Mk says:

    Amazing dear

  13. Qqing says:

    Keep the hardwork and I am sure you will success with your positive vibes.

  14. Efan Headford says:

    The essay is very well written overall, with little to no errors of any kind.

    The information is accurate, and the citing of sources is an appreciated touch. I agree with the points raised, and would support any form of campaign to spread the awareness mentioned in the above essay.

    All in all, it is an excellent essay, one I would recommend any of my friends to read. It’s sad that some people are so ignorant, and not willing to accept that things need to change.

    Great work, Jasmine!

  15. Ayush Jain says:

    A thought provoking essay! ???? Great work ! ????????

  16. Elena says:

    Well done . 🙂

  17. Abdu says:

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  18. Amina says:

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  19. Kristín Edda Valsdóttir says:

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  20. Samuel Ukpai says:

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  21. Marisela Colombine says:

    Hey Jasmine! Thanks for talking about such a subject so open-mindedly. This is an important topic that should be discussed more frequently and I believe you’ve done a great job doing it.

  22. Seba says:

    Great essay! Very well written. I wish you best of luck.

  23. Jannie Rose S. Javier says:

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  24. Abigail says:

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  27. Omar says:

    It made me think a lot, amazing!!

  28. Ammar says:

    As a review for your essay/article I must say it was well structured,researched and occupied by some estimable facts. However it was hard to sought out some catchy lines, thus for the purposes of improvement you need to add some catchy lines at the conclusion and in the beginning, the lines could be some revolutionary quotes by some philanthropist e.t.c . Besides that the essay was far more good for a girl of your age, keep it up????.

  29. Kincső Kovács says:

    This is so cool! Good job! (: I am so glad because I read it. Thank you!

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  31. Milica says:

    Jasmine,you did a great job here!I like the way you look on this interesting topic.
    This world needs more people like you.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  32. Marie says:

    Loved it, thank you for talking about this topic it really made me proud as a women of color that it is not my fault for being who I am or for not having the same opportunities as other people/minorities it’s just that some people don’t understand that we are all one race ,the human. I am just a different shade but my skull insides and my body is structured the same way someone who has dark or fair skin then me. Overall we will overcome this obstacle if people get the mind set that jasmine explained in her essay. The essay is amazing and gave me another reason to strive for the better.

  33. Renaldi Pratama says:

    Great Explanation, I like it Jasmine ????????

  34. Mohamed says:

    Good luck, Jasmine. Very well-explained article. ????????

  35. Chris says:

    Yes this is quite true. I’m saddened to think that we still live in a society where prejudice exists. However, I also believe that lack of tolerance plays a role in the society.

  36. Emma mercy says:

    Wow! This is fabulous. The essay is fluentual and can make amends to many people. Continue with the same spirit

  37. Menna Taha says:

    This is an incredible job you did here! I couldn’t believe you’re only 15; really glad people like you exist. You’re smart and gifted, keep it up✨

  38. Ahlam Hagouch says:

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  39. Trizah says:

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  40. Aristotle Bougas says:

    Each hour of effort you put into that really paid off. It does a great job communicating some very complex and deep emotions clearly, something that I know isn’t easy to do. Very well thought out and sophisticated, well done.

  41. Martin says:

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  42. Elyssia Hughes says:

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  43. Alex Trombini says:

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  58. Esriel Ferrari says:

    Nice job! You wrote a such important essay about a big problem in our society: inequality and a Sustainable Development Goal is a way to solve it!

  59. Mariam Soneja says:

    This was well articulated and I thoroughly enjoyed the points you listed. It was brilliant to point out a different POV on the same problem and offer a solution as well. Good Luck in your future!!

  60. C. R. says:

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  72. Amera says:

    I enjoyed how you addressed pressing issues and took us through the details of inequality

  73. Amy says:

    I hadn’t realized how prominent racism is in older generations until my father started making comments that disturb me. I’m glad you highlighted that’s issue in your essay.

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  75. Abdullahi says:

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    Wow…it’s such a heart-opening essay. I hope people would consider the fact that even if we are on one nation, one culture, one tradition, and one belief, we still came from different indiviaduals.

  153. Erwin Esperanza says:

    Wow…it’s such a heart-opening essay. I hope people would consider the fact that even if we are on one nation, one culture, one tradition, and one belief, we still came from different indiviaduals.

  154. Shamim Lycan says:

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  183. Blessy says:

    I agree with you on your point that all it takes to stop human from hurting other human is awareness.
    I believe that people believe that today’s normalcy is normal but in fact not all of it is normal. The mind is tricking them into believing that humiliating others is normal, thinking one is better than others is okay and so on and so forth.
    I hope with your essay, people will be more aware.

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  190. Ahmed Abdelaty says:

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  193. Holly Burford says:

    A really great essay! There were a few grammar mistakes (which I would be happy to correct if you like, but no pressure there), but in terms of content, it was very well written and puts a great point of view across! 🙂 I definitely agree with your ideas – ethnicity should never affect the respect that a person recieves.

  194. Jamyang Kunga says:

    I think you are person who are searching for happiness… I just want to say “mind is everything “

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  209. Alicia Yoshino says:

    A great essay with a powerful message. I can tell that there has been a lot of effort in portraying the passion for the subject matter. Within this essay, there were some small areas of which can be improved for better comprehension.

    For example, the sentence:
    “Although the anti-bullying policy has proven effective, but clearly not effective enough.”, where the transition is slightly unnatural. An alternate way to write this could be, “Although the anti-bullying policy has been proven effective in some aspects, it has clearly not been effective enough to resolve the issue entirely.”

    While discussing the solution, it is unclear how
    “researching their families’ history” can aid in resolving racism/prejudices within our society.

    The conclusion had a few minor errors:
    “for our children’s health and happiness[,] discrimination need[s] to end here.”

    Asides from these details, it is clear that Jasmine is able to identify the core problem and inspire others to desire action to be taken for a racism/prejudice free society.

  210. Iffah says:

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    Firstly , it is a great report , you have done your research , gave in slot of word and time , in the result what you are saying is true , you have resources that are well at what they do , but in real life , real living humans , were emotions control them , he or she had faced some difficult time at something and learned from the experience , weather good or bad they came with it , some had fought , others got it on plain gold , & others looked for the real truth and searched , when emotions drive you specifically if you lose someone so deeply you are connected to , choice number one will be the best and you may get revenge , if you had all the money in the world but you are too lazy to get your remote to change the TV and hire SB to do it for you , choice two without another word , because you don’t want to think , you have got everything , when you really don’t , all you got is paperwork , choice number three is for people who don’t like sitting with the crowd and doesn’t mind standing alone , these kind of people get killed , kidnapped , played by , and be hidden so they won’t cause a lose specially if they had already. All I am saying is with people hating on people because others lived better or not convinced with what has been created for you , you want what others have you , which slot of people think that way , they won’t care if they were the lastest people on Earth just so they would have what they wanted , nothing is right but all , you don’t get to hate me for being a Muslim and I don’t get to hate you for being a Jew or an atheist or a Christian , if you and I agreed others won’t , black people won’t love white people , because some hate others , and white ones get to be racist about others , yellow ones get to hate both because they are either letting them get involved or it’s people got effected , if we all wanted to be together which is never because we all are taking the wrong leaders , for example , you hate Hitler , I hate George Bush , so I listen to Hitler and you to George , we keep fighting and the winner gets a winning day and thousands of hell , because your family will come to mine and start getting back what is right in their point of view when the truth is we should all pick to forget them because they are gone , they caused harm to humanity from different regions , secondly comes the understanding of what you are committed to , and how much you are willing to fight for it , due to the wide numbers of a human fighting choices , everyone became to want the lead , either their right , stubborn , wrong , unconfident , unqualified , inconvenient … They want it , if we truly want change Justice must be served to all and none is above the law , and for the law to be covering and deals with everything , but then we would be machines , no feelings but the definition of acceptance and we would all be the same , that’s why we should accept the differences & try to forgive if not possible then try to live with it .

  217. Ashtyn Cummins says:

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