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We Are Not Number One

Climate change has become the most important issue of our time. The human race has always seen themselves as number one, and has ignored the consequences their actions have on the environment. It is time we listen real closely to the facts and ignore the lessons of trickery the fossil fuel interests are pushing. We must understand that the consequences of climate change are going down in history. We must just follow the moves that individuals and countries have taken to become less reliant on fossil fuels. To become the number one species on the planet we must lessen our impact on the global ecosystem. Now look at the facts that are found from a variety of sources that all support the claim that climate change is real and must be addressed as quickly as possible. Its time that now we watch and learn, and deal with climate change by creating improvements to alternative energy sources and not slip and slide on the consequences of our actions. We are not number one, and we should be considerate of the other organisms that we share this planet with and not make a mockery of the human race by destroying the planet that provides for us. Continue reading

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