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Its not a joke

It is not a joke when it comes to death !!! Especially your death … You are going to die sooner or later. But believe me, stand up a moment .. (if you allow) look from the nearest window .you smell … what ?? You do not smell the breeze,isn’t it ?you smell a sort of exotic smell .. You do not smell any strange stuffs… ??? .Of course those who lived the period of last century’s fiftieth will only notice .. Can you hear the wind ??? .. In fact, you can, but the simple noise out of the window does not allow you the opportunity to feel the air and hear it .. What is the avreage of stars number you can see daily ? 50 -60 -100 ??!! It can never be higher .do you know that if you walked in the sahara desert at night you can see at least the triple you can see in you town ..Do you now think that you or you are different ? Fear not, you’re not alone … the whole world like you .. Why ?? Is it the end of the world ?????????!!! Continue reading

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