Although my grades are pretty good, I strongly oppose the School’s curriculum nowadays. School’s curriculum isn’t guiding me to Talents and skills. Teachers teach the same Syllabus and Theories, to all students in the school. The same subjects and curriculum, taught by the same methods meant for million students who have different expertise and proficiency. In School, students expected to stick to useless school routines. Get up in the early morning, usually never have time to eat breakfast, which is why students can’t be productive without energy. Students have six to nine hours of school and in the school, they learned those useless lessons, have only thirty minutes break which is usually lunch time, where students do their homeworks and stress about how much burden they have to deal with, then they go home, go to bed, and repeat the same thing.

            In school, people judge by grades. They’re acting like grades determine who we are. Everyone has their own talents, dreams, creativity and style! Nowadays, students with good marks and excellent at science or math being highly appreciated, Acknowledged as the world’s conqueror. Math and Science became the standard of intelligence. Determinant to be a genius. This is an exceedingly terrible assertion that harmed student’s mindset! And the worst thing, we learn the same things we’ve learned in the first grade! Theories, Methods, Facts! Schools aren’t raising a cleverness, successful generation. They didn’t teach students about taxes or about how to gain profit from their skills and make money from their talents! Schools are raising a generation of robots and zombies.

            Approximately 80% lessons we learned in school don’t help us in real life and isn’t useful at all. Students have to do math or science, as if they really going to use it in the future. Why are schools having students do all this ineffective things? Are we come upon 2log5,3x(100-log10) in life? So why are we (who aren’t going to be a technologist or fitting professions) still learning this worthless things!. Students feel hopeless when they aren’t pass their semester with high-quality marks. If a student want to be a writer, then what does learning the bacteria structure have to do with that? What does the question 2log5,3x(100-log10) do with being a writer?. Or an Animator, Artists, Singer, why they still have to learn about those complicated subjects?.  An Alchemist who masters periodic table might not able to do the writing, or drawing like them!. Mastering Math is everything whilst arts, musics, sports, and other talents being throw out and condemn as an inferior. I’m not saying Math is trivial. Basic Math is really useful in real life!. But, can’t all lessons be in the same level?. Arts or dance just as important and worthy as math? Everyone is great in their own aptitudes! We need to change!.

            Let’s see some good example of people who wasn’t a great students but became such an important piece of history. From my country, Indonesia. Basko, only graduated from elementary school but now he’s a great entrepreneur, Has so many assets, 5-star hotel, and hiring the scholars. Susi Pudjiastuti, only graduated from Junior Highschool, now a fishery minister in Indonesa, famous of her remarkable movement and intelligence. Prof.Hamka, didn’t go to school, but titled as a Proffessor, given by Al-Azhar University in Cairo because he has published so many books and his thoughts even greater than scholars. In the world, we knew the names Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, who drop out from their school and became the richest men in the world. Albert Einsten, Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor, threw out from his school, homeschooling and taught by his mother. How can they become even more success than the scholars? Because in school, they didn’t have the chance to think creatively and innovatively. School’s cycle is just following the curriculum and do things that we don’t even want to. All students were created to be an intelligent. Even a disability and neurologic syndrome students can change the world. Everyone have the same right!.

Many students are actually smart, or even genius, but their grades didn’t show the same. Isn’t this heartbreaking?.  School now isn’t about learning. It’s about passing!. They don’t even test you on your intelligence. They just test your memory!. Teachers didn’t have any right in school. Entertainers, actresses, football players who didn’t  teach knowledge but enjoyment completely overpaid and teachers, who teach knowledge, struggle for better generation, key of the world is in their hands, are underpaid!.

            Finland or UK can be the sample for school education system. School should’ve lead the students according to their flair. Listen more to their opinions. Give the same chance to all students. Shorten the school hours. No homeworks. Not only teaching intelligence, but also develop their emotions, teach them to love each other. Build their mental and character. forbid them to do bullying. Teachers have physcology ability to understand student’s personality. Main goal of the curriculum is to create a creative, well personality, critical, and find student’s talents. Prepare them for paying bills and life skills. If a student good at something, and it’s easy for them, that’s their calling. It might be for them. School as a facility to lead them. Some students do really hard hobbies, creating computers, modeling robots, their talents can be identified by observing what they likes. More specific for elementary school students, We can begin by the Psikotes test, aura test, or other various tests, or fingerprint test which claimmed to have 90% validity. Or by facilitating them with toys and books that support their talents. And for teenager students, School have to formulate the relationships between their ability and working activities and Let them go on the job.

            Students, as a part of human being, was created to be happy. School is a place to find gladness. School is heaven, not hell. A place to prepare the future. Not a place to get stressed. Because, everything that done by happiness will create a better world.

I'm an ordinary 17 girl, gonna graduate from high school this april, 2017, insha Allah. I Love reading, writing and drawing so much. My intention joining this competition isn't about winning or losing, but to tell everyone about my thoughts in education. hope it useful????

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  1. sossy simmy says:

    I loved it

  2. Aya says:

    Good . Love it ????❤

  3. dure shahwar says:

    good thoughts. the robots need to be transformed into beings☺

  4. Wardah Tariq says:

    I’m agree with your point, your writing skill is so good ma Shaa Allah ❤

  5. Wardah Tariq says:

    *good work. I’m agree with your point. So impressive. ❤

  6. alex says:

    Very nice ????????

  7. B kiran kumar says:

    True that is…. Now a days education systems going in to a pit…

  8. Rizky Nastiti A.P says:

    Wow. Fascinated! You got a same thought about education. There are some teacher had a wrong way to teach. Well, I agree.

  9. Kelly Wagner says:

    I think you have some really good supporting argument and a lot of passion. Nice job!

  10. jehanputrighazela says:

    this is awesome fi.. i’m agree with you (all of your statements) and i’m so pround of you due to make it,it is not piace of cake.. and you had been finished it wisely.. may Allah S.W.T bless you my sweet heart.. ????????

  11. Renaldi Pratama says:

    Awesome Explanation Mufida ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. You have a good and impressive point ????????????????

  12. Ansherina says:

    Great ????

  13. Theo Sia says:

    OH MY GOODNESS, Fida , THIS ESSAY IS INCREDIBLE , when I read it , I immediately got emotionally attatched to it , I entirely understand how you feel and I’m able to associate with it. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and allowing others to understand how the education system is currently like.

    • Mufida zuhra says:

      aww.. thankyou so much, Theo! ???????? Yea.. you’re right.. I’m trying to confide as well through this essay ????

  14. Ana says:

    It’s really good, i’m agree with you..

  15. Aman pratap singh says:

    Its really nice

  16. Misbah Alam says:

    Nice effort. I appreciate the topic you chose. I second this all. ???? Our education system needs to be improved. The quality of education in most Schools needs special attention.

  17. Vera says:

    Omg this is amazing! ????

  18. Amirul says:

    Very good.I am undeniably agree with you completely.Excellent content besides provides clear key points.

    PS: Try watch a movie called 3 idiots.It provides many values,also related with educational purpose,(Put aside the negative scene on the movie)????????

  19. Andrea Guerrero says:

    I think that what you are saying is very true because in fact that’s what i think for myself.
    Good job ????????

  20. Tahjanee says:

    I completely agree with you. School isn’t a one size fits all place and you did a great job of describing that in your essay.

  21. Thisari says:

    I loved this!! I completely agree with all of it and the education system is definitely something that should benefit every single type of student.

  22. Cristina Roselli says:

    Great essay!! Just check your grammar.

  23. shradhu says:

    Nyc it’s true. & good I agree with ur essay and ur about is fantastic

  24. says:

    Nice point

  25. Thaly says:

    I totally agree nowdays all schools are designed the same and not many kids learn like everyone else. It needs To change for a better future. I love your essay

  26. asawary Choudhary says:

    I hope, you will win the competition.

  27. Tomisha Caldwell says:

    This is so good I agree with all of it!

  28. Jelena says:

    Very good! I totally agree!

  29. Mohamed Islem Mekadmini says:

    I couldn’t agree more ! Nice work ????

  30. Haley says:

    This is absolutely amazing

  31. Teslime Yıldız says:

    I am foreign language student.I totally agree with you. If I become an English teacher, I would not make my students robotized!

  32. JUN HONG CHAN says:

    Yeah. The trend of 21 century. You speak out many students’s feelings. I love that. I have been feeling the same. Thanks

  33. Karl Elenrey G. Dayag says:

    Honestly it was a nice idea for students and learners who are striving to be the best they can be. It was also a good thing that you give suggestions for the improvement of the education system.

  34. Yusril Irawan says:

    That’s really nice story, i hope that you will find what you want. May god bless you

  35. Kriszta Csibi says:

    I totally agree. The situation is the same in my homecountry. And I have to say, it’s horrible. It’s frightening that these kids will be the next generation. We will be the next generation! What kind of adults can we become with this educational system?
    Thank you for sharing this! Reallyreally nice and honest! I am happy there are students who are brace enough to share this! ????

    • Mufida Zuhra says:

      true! I agree with you, Kriszta! and thankyou, thankyou very much for willing to share it! <3 <3 !! I feel so much appreciated!

  36. Kendra says:

    Amazing essay I agree with you all the way!

  37. Abby says:

    I love it ????

  38. Najla fitri says:

    Aku berharap ini dibaca oleh Depdiknas, dan mereka merubah sistem pendidikan di negara kita.
    Aku tau itu ngga mungkin instan, tapi aku harap untuk generasi setelah kita, sistem pendidikan di Indonesia udah lebih baik dari yg sekarang.

  39. Anmol says:

    Its awesome

  40. Good it 🙂

  41. Sucy Elsya says:

    i’m agree with you… this is the real story about student..

  42. Asri Rahmi Acii says:

    Benar-benar luar biasaa ????????very nice muff

  43. Lintang faulia anggraini says:

    Its Awesome ????

  44. Maurinanf says:

    I 100% agree with you. I think you should be the minister of education in Indonesia to transform the education system in Indonesia for Indonesia Better

  45. Carmen says:

    I agree with you quite strongly, it would be beautiful if the school focused more on our ltalents than our level of math and science, and this is all really true.

  46. Carmen says:

    I agree with you quite strongly, it would be beautiful if the school focused more on our ltalents than our level of math and science, and this is all really true☺ i agree

  47. Azmatfaizan says:

    Amazing keep it up really it’s inspiring

  48. Annegrace says:

    I like it ???????????? Perfect essay

  49. Yavnika singh says:

    It’s amazing.????

  50. Mubashshir says:

    I m totally agree with you… No student should be judged on the basis of grade

  51. Komal lohana says:

    Amazing piece of work ???????? keep it up ????????

  52. Maher says:

    Hi fida as u said i have read this awesome… Nice job !!

  53. Hanin zahra shah says:

    This is amazing, I loved it. You’ve literally spoken for me, I have the exact same feeling towards education of this generation

  54. Aniket Bhagat says:

    Very skillfully written.Well done????

  55. Namira Janmohammed says:

    Fida u write a good essay and whatever ur saying it’s just true awesome keep it up

  56. Naja Afeef says:

    This is a topic i strongly agree to. People can be so judgmental with grades.I mean its not the only thing that decides your future. I mean come on people. There’s so much more to life than just grades. i loved your article. there should be more people like you spreading awareness about issues like this.

  57. lyka palacio says:

    yesss, I agree ????????

  58. Okoro Joshua says:

    Awesome piece, I taught I was the only one who felt the need to express his/her hatred for the school curriculum.

  59. Atia Hussain says:

    I love it ❤❤❤ and I agree

  60. Joie says:

    I thought it was well written and I agree with your topic, there’s not enough emotion to make me truly care about what you’re saying. Not to sound rude but if I read this and haven’t herd about people going against the normal school curriculum I would enjoy this essay, but you gotta get them to love it!

  61. Selma F. Az-zahra says:

    What a great job! ????????????????

  62. I love it . It’s easy to read and understand and it’s touching. Really . I mean education is the most dangerous weapon people have and if it is a terrible one it will make countries bow to others

  63. Chidera Ukaegbu says:

    This is really amazing, and the real truth
    I love it….. 5 star for this

  64. Frankie says:

    This is really awesome,I agree with you.
    Things really needs to be changed in our educational system

  65. Harsha says:

    Yes it was a raising issue present days ..and I totally agree with you ..nice topic????

  66. Sonea K. says:

    I agree with your points. They really bring in a personal touch. However, i think you should define the term ‘useless’ to get your point across and also correct some grammatical errors. Other than that i think you essay is amazing. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for how you feel. Bravo????????????????

  67. Sabran says:

    This is great

  68. Sameena says:


  69. Mila J says:

    Wow, I found you points to be so Relatable!!

  70. Rahila says:

    great essay, fida. 🙂

  71. Maya Lestari Gf says:

    It’s a nice one

  72. Mohammed says:

    Amazing ????????
    Keep it up

  73. Arshia Shaikh says:

    Good article

  74. Liza Zainal says:

    You are a smart girl. In shaa Allah you will be the winner

  75. Liza Zainal says:

    You are a smart girl. In shaa Allah you will be the winner. And proud of you

  76. ouahzizi ayoub says:

    Very good ideas.
    But there are some grammatical mistakes you should have paid attention to.
    Anyway i liked it ????????????????????????

  77. Indira says:

    This essay is good. you give all the explanation and how you write them all structured with the example too. nice job! keep it up! i agree with you

  78. Tan Jia Xuan says:

    When I chose to study in Art and Commerce but not Science last year, I was spammed by almost everybody who knows me(including my parents)why I gave up Science class in spite of my grades. And that I wonder why they always think Science class is the only way to succeed.
    Go back to the topic, I love your opinion well☺

  79. Fida says:

    I’m agree..very interesting

  80. Mradul Kumar says:

    You are the representative of all the students who usually done smartwork not the hardwork……
    In school teachers are always in the favour of hardwork…..
    But students with a good presence of mind use smartwork and they achive success….

    Your thoughts are really inspiring ……
    And if the schools can applying these things….so every student enjoy and everyone becone successful….
    Thankyou for giving your precious thoughts…..

  81. Shah rukh khan says:

    I read your essay .like it

  82. Afifah says:

    Totally agree..
    Best of luck dear..

  83. Veronique Lortie says:

    I have the same opinion as you, great essay!

  84. leo says:

    You’re great.
    On the right path.
    Beautiful essay.
    Awesome points.

    I concur with you!

  85. Syed Saad says:

    Exactly my thoughts..I enjoyed reading it.. Keep it up!!

  86. Reem kamal abdelaziz says:

    I’ve loved it , also I’m agree with your thoughts I was thinking of it too, your language skills are amazing keep going on. ????❤

  87. Enya says:

    I agree with you so much!!!! School curriculums are killing our brain cells for useless things!

  88. Shabib Sohail says:

    It’s inspiring ????????????????????????
    Nice work Mufida
    Subhan Allah ????????

  89. Woah ur awesome!i agree with u.well school is suck.there’s inferior and superior because of that those who have lower grades than usual they think that they are just a trash and also the higher grades have a special treatment of course.i agree with u they should rid this system.btw i love ur essay!keep it up 🙂

  90. Its really cool. I believe your right, I love it.

  91. Julianna says:


  92. Imane elazraky says:

    It’s really interesting .
    Ps : great writing skills

  93. Cindy Iongi says:

    That is so true, I didn’t school or everything this way not until I read this essay. Your opinions obviously reflects the reality of school and how every student sees school as hell just because of that similar reason. I really love this essay. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read this beautiful workpiece.

  94. Goomaral says:

    Wow nice.Good luck

  95. Lasma Laura says:

    It’s a really interesting essay, I enjoyed reading it! ❤

  96. Effort Chivhunduko says:

    It’s awesome ????????????????

  97. Gargee says:

    Amazing, I liked your essay.

  98. Kavya says:


  99. Miladia says:

    Nice one ????????

  100. emil says:

    very good

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