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Why successful people eventually dropped out of school to become successful

Recent studies show that the top three reasons students drop out of school: first, it’s because they’re failing too many classes (27.6 %), they’re bored (25.9 %), and “school wasn’t relevant to my life” (20.3%). Other reasons are because of drugs, bullying, mental health or financial issues.   Why drop out exist in the first place? Looking at the reasons

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Is perfect education a utopia?

<div id=”inner-editor”></div>         What do we lack for quality education? Government actions? NGOs? More schools? More jobs? More teachers? After all, how will we do the education we want in the world we want? This is a good question and the purpose of this text is not to answer this question, but to give a valid and interesting alternative, but difficult to apply these

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The importance of the educational system in industrialized countries

This is an essay I wrote to shed light on how education can serve as an asset for creating a better world. I have chosen to emphasize on the virtues of respect, compassion, effort, and duty to increase the international living standards via education. I also attempted to show how citizens of privileged countries should not take their opportunities for granted, but position these resources in ways that will ultimately be good for all of us. Continue reading

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