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Teenage pregnancies, the untold suffering.

In my country Kenya as in other parts of Africa, young girls face severe threats to their health and general well being. They are vulnerable to sexual assault, prostitution, too-early pregnancy and childbearing, unsafe abortion, malnutrition, female genital mutilation, infertility, anemia, and reproductive tract infections (RTIs) including STIs and HIV/AIDS.   When a girl as young as 15 years old

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“Health, A Valuable Of Inestimable Worth “

Life is beautiful isn’t it but I want us all to contemplate and have a deep thought about this, ” how beautiful would it be if one isn’t healthy? . How would one who is on the brink of death smile? . How would anyone who doesn’t even have a cup of water to drink be happy and healthy? . How would one who is suffering from the worst of pains want to live?.
If you had a chance to help put an end to their cries, wouldn’t you ?
Health which is indispensable is crying out loud and calling out to be part of the lives of the people suffering but how would it be possible when they can’t make it across the bridge to reach for it?
“Health, A Valuable Of Inestimable Worth ” you would realise as you read further . Continue reading

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Fixing Our Mentality

Many things are incredibly important to people’s lives. Some may say the most important thing to them is their friends, their family, or even their material things. Not everyone has the luxury of those benefits in a constant. The one constant everyone has is their mental health. A person’s mental health is incredibly important, no matter socioeconomic status, gender, sexuality,

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