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From Waste To The Best

We must find solutions for many challenges. We are currently working on Increase the industrial base of all countries. The industrial sector is the second-largest economic sector in Egypt, accounting for 37% of GDP. Approximately 13% of the total labor force is employed in industrial activity, which is concentrated in a burgeoning construction industry. The Manufacturing Value Added in 2001 was 61.65 billion LE represented about 12% of the Gross National Product. Problems Related with Industries are growing rapidly. We live in a world of accelerating industrial change. Industrial Technology graduates develop skills to help solve managerial, technical, and production problems. In general, there are several constraints and obstacles in enhancing the contribution of industry to sustainable development. Continue reading

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In the Smog—A Thinking About Sustainable Industrialization

I composed this essay while on a high-speed rail from Beijing to Shanghai when Beijing’s Air Pollution Index was seriously overweighted. I discussed the problem of industrialization. Instead of focusing on promoting sustainable industrialization, I discussed how to take action to make industrialization more sustainable regarding the aspects of the economy, environment, and society. I proposed the idea that consumers are the main stakeholders of sustainable industrialization, and I promoted a minimalist value to the readers. Continue reading

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