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According to Google inequality means difference in size,degree or circumstances. My goal is to help reduce inequality among countries with this article.whether it’s inequality based on income, sex ,age poverty or lack of opportunity in the world or among countries. Inequality threatens long term social and economic development, in unables poverty reduction and destroys confidence and self-esteem.In result this breeds

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Racism: My true color is who I am

Since when did the colours on our skin, speak louder than the words that lie within? A pigment. It is the barrier that segregates our nation into tiny compact boxes, while their intelligence and beauty mercilessly asphyxiates in front of their own eyes. What if I told you everything you knew about race wasn’t true? What if I told you

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Fight To Be You

Inequality. So much inequality within the countries that reside on this planet earth. But within inequality, there are different sub-categories that reside in this unfortunate reality that the world we exist in. For an instance, there is gender based inequality. The bias that women or any other gender is inferior to a heterosexual male. LGBTQ+ based inequality, that can cause

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