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Why We Are Killing Our Oceans

The world marine vertebrate population declined by 49% between 1970 and 2012. Right now, 1,081 types of fish worldwide are listed as threatened or endangered by the World Conservation Union. Although we could point fingers at major corporations or fisheries which use unsustainable methods, we, regular people, are the ones to blame. We affect the health of our oceans by

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Under the Sea

Under the sea. There are schools, trafic, inhabitance and polution. These uninvited guest cause the decline of many spiecies within the ocean. In 1492 the Europeans invaded the Aztects, the Aztects were almost completly wiped out as was most of there culture. This whats happening to the cities under the sea. Armies of debris are attacking our reefs and waging war, a war the marnine life are losing. We need to help them and there are many people, organisations and companies that can help in this fight. Continue reading

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The Oceana colossus full of posibilies

 Beyond the world we all live,there are another one,more surprising,odd and intriguing than ours-underwater life.This place is surrounded by an halo of strangeness,mistery and magic.Even though about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water ,and of the whole water 96.5 percent are represented by oceans,we have only explored less than 5  percent  of our planet’s  oceans. They

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