we,human consider ourselves as a most intilligent species in the world, Aren’t we???

The answer is NO.

Confused ?? but it is true. we all know that we can not live without nature but still we make it worst day by day.

We say that nature is our Mother. Yes, she is. she give us every thing which is required for our survival like food, water etc. but in return what we are giving a nature, Nothing. Instead of we are distroying her.

 Clearing forest for various porpose is called Diforestation. Clearing others shelter to build our shelter is a logic of our human brain. We all know that  forest circulate eco system and it is benefial. but still we clear it for making jungle of cement which harmfull to nature just for our convience.

Cutting down the trees adversely effect the Eco-system, which led to a climate change,this lead various problem that we all know but still we are continuing it.

Change the way of thinking, By planting more n more trees we not helping nature instead of we retrying to recover those mistake that we are doing.

Nature is not depend upon humans,         Humans is depend on nature.

so guys thing about it and try to make our future bright before it too late. 

         THANK YOU….

  1. Nehal khan says:

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  2. Saad says:

    Too many Spelling mistakes

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