Dust covered the most of the land .

Dust covered te death bodies of men who tried to save their land and got killed in fight , also the bodies of brave womans , and childrens who were killed for no reason .Just becouse they didn’t leave their homes .


What did they do to deserve that ? Nothing ,simply nothing . They were innocent.


Now their dead bodies were lying down on ground covered with blood and dust .


Schools were empty .


Every alley was littered with the blood of innocent people. 


Houses were destroyed from bombs .. If you listen carefully , you could hear the screaming of childrens ,crying of womans . You couldyw see their efforts to be fugitive. A great bunch of soldiers attacking people.


Between all this mess , crouched in a corner was a little girl . She had wrapped her legs with hands, and she was crying .  Her family members were killed . Her house was destroyed . She had nothing left just but her life . She was exhausted, and she couldn’t understand the reason why all those things happened .


Why we let these things happen? 


Why we don’t make a change?   Now , today ! No moree fights . No more killing . No more destroying .                That little girl could be you ..  This could happen to your family too.    Don’t you want to help this little girl ?      Don’t you want to help yourself ?  Then do something . Get up against this wars . Rememer your small action can change all the world . We must not allow this to continue .           We should be the change we want to see in this world . All people deserve to live in peace. Is peace supposed to taste this bitter ? Is peace supposed to be like this ? NO , NO ,AND NO .


Peace is such a beautiful word . When I hear this word my heart starts beating faster , and my eyes fill with tears . Becouse I know how much people fought for this and died, how much they sacrified. But should we kill for peace ? Killing destroyes peace . And we can not reach peace with that . We should be polite and solve our problems with education . We need to be democratic . Select a pen in place of a rifle. It would be a better choise. For a better future. No murder , no distruption . We can save that little girl . And we can save families and families from this . 


Peace must not hide evidence whatever happens , and do not make distimction between rich and poor , and implementation of the judiciary be for all the same.


We must put justice in the world. And to take someones life is not justice . It’s a crime. And you should get punished for that . We should help homeless people , orphans ,  we should give help to people in need , no matter what color is his face , or in which state he has born . By helping others you can find the inner peace . Which is the most important thing , if you want to have a happy life . Make someone’s life better , make someone smile , automaticaly your life will improve for better . 


Put yourself in situation of that girl . You have lost everything . What would you do ? You would search for help, right? So help people who can be in that situation , give them a hand to get up . Be the reason why someone smiles . Do what’s right. The faith of justice is in your hand . You can save million lifes . You can make a change. All of you . Together we can bring peace back to world . We can make our lifes better. You are what you choose to be . So choose peace . Choose education . Choose helping others . 


For those who had chose rifle . Deep inside I know you feel like you are forced to do that . Stop ! Take a deep breath , killing it’s not the only way . Revenge doesn’t solve the problems you have . 


For those who don’t do anythimg at all .            Actually you are the problem . By choosing to do nothing , you let those children die . You by doing nothing let those families got destroyed . You kill them . Don’t do that . Don’t stay there . Stand up , and go help them , but with maturity not fight. 


I am 16 years old . I am from Macedonia .

22 Comments » for Choose peace
  1. Alban says:

    Freedom for Syria

  2. arbesa says:

    Wow well done…its greate ????

  3. Vjosa says:

    Nice ????????

  4. Julio A says:

    A nice text
    I only wait that the people do something for the change

  5. Fisnik says:

    Great essay , bravoo

  6. Amani Joachim says:

    Soo interesting… ☺

  7. Nesrin says:

    Hope one day everyone will fight for peace, well done, FABULOUS????????

  8. Bora says:

    Great job, peace is everything that the world needs right now!

  9. Haris says:

    It was the most beautiful essay about peace that i have ever read! Congratulations????

  10. Selda says:

    Well done, it’s great????

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