From the coming on the civilization, the people lives together in littles community, helps ones to others and stay in peace and harmony and then survive.

Now in the present, we live in chaotic cities where the developments in groups how a community sometimes its impossible, maybe for individual goals or for doing the bad in others and for this reason, in the moment that this change happens , the problems appears and all make in a real mistake.

Because in littles cities and also in biggest cities and provinces and countries the hate to the other makes more normal. That never had to pass.

In the history we can find the proofs, the Mundials Wars for ambition, racism, the hate to our brother or for power.

There are a lots of example of greatest emperors or rather dictators who wants to have all the power and make the people follow them without justice and peace.

Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, the Roman Empire, the Otoman Empire are a little of the people who want to run away from peace and justice and take the control.

The truth is that the bad loses but no one can rebuild the destroyed cities and all that they loses.

For this reason we need to change the world and bring some peace again to the people. I know that is too hard and im not who to say but littles changes make the difference.

Not all in the world is bad, there are good people and these people are to need recognized. Firefighters who risk their lives to help each in fires, the police officers, the Red Cross, the Doctors without Borders.

These are people who do the well for help the world and make the change, like the judges who their job is give justice to the outside.

I hope that one day we can live in peace and justice in all the world, without killing or abducting or executing.

And there one way to do this. See our past, face it, see the present, change it and dream with a better future. Its a possitive dream but is that i dream for my country and for all the people.

I want one day wake me up and dont find in the Tv that the bad goes free for Jail without justice or that are going on a steal in a Bank. I want to see the heart of the people and helps ones to others, donations in churchs or homeless people without a job.

For these i wrote this text for tried to you think about the world and see the good and the bad and think if you can do something for change for good.

I do it and this is my first step for change me and change my city, my country and all the world. Anyone can do this , just have to do it, how the Saint Francisco de Asis sayd: “Start doing what is necessary, then do what you can and suddenly you will find yourself doing the impossible.”



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