“Not again!” I exclaimed. My television went blank, and I sat alone on the couch in a room filled with shadows and darkness. What happened you ask? It was another power outage. It was the second time this day. These frequent power outages did not allow me to watch television with peace. As a typical teenager, I complained and blamed the system for disturbing my television show. With nothing to do, I grabbed my cup of coffee and went to enjoy the fresh air under the dark sky filled with stars. Darkness, I liked it from the start. I always had philosophical thoughts under the dark sky.

 As I sipped my coffee, I enjoyed the cold and the sky that blends within the grey. It was the best thing I saw all night. I glanced up at the moon rising above, the stars twinkling, and all the constellations that formed. The night sky is exciting. What’s more exciting is the depth within the dark sky. Right now, in a galaxy far, far away, there are explosions all around. There’s a chance that asteroids are raining down on a planet with an intense sheer force that pierces through the surface and who knows, the First Order might be fighting against rebels and empowering the dark side. There are infinite possibilities that could be happening around the universe right now!

Our universe is filled with such a large amount of energy that this cute little earth of ours could consume it for billions for years to come. Our earth’s little prize in this universe is our sun. Yes, it’s the same sun that gave you sunburns this summer! This sun is not as bad as you think. It’s a small quirky little star when compared to its counterparts. It powers more than 25% of China and 13% of The United States. Almost all countries harness this energy for their own needs. Multi-national companies use this energy to power various warehouses that let you watch cat videos on the internet. It’s also used to enlighten a community to move forward in this fast growing world.

Solar energy is underrated. People around the world have come to a conclusion that solar energy cannot be harvested during the rainy season and on a cloudy day. So, even though it’s affordable people don’t use it. But, this belief is wrong. It’s a rumor created by people who don’t understand how solar energy works. Contrary to the popular belief, solar energy can be harvested during all times of the day.

It’s about time we abandon fossil fuels for our regular use and invest in solar energy for clean, affordable energy. Personally, I like the more, uninterrupted cat videos part on the internet!

Using solar energy has its own merits. Unlike fossil fuels, solar panels are safe and cost-effective. It’s a modern resource that can be used without much concern. It’s reliable. It’s the best source of energy we have. But still, why do so many people reject it? Why do we still use electricity and water heating sources that use fossil fuels and thermal energy?

Even though many dream of our saving the world. Why do only a small number of people work for it? Ever thought of that? Our world is suffering from the most dangerous disease known to humanity. It’s been with us since the beginning. We are too ignorant to care about this disease, and thanks to our ignorance, thousands of them all around the world are suffering from lack of fundamental needs. The disease is ‘laziness’. More than ninety-nine percent of the human population don’t push themselves and never leave their comfort zone. Even the ones who wish to make an impact.

Gandhi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” It’s about time we make a change in this society. We’ve been using fossils fuels for centuries. It’s old-school. Now, it’s time to discover new sources of energy. Solar energy is the most convenient way to move forward. As someone said, “We are born too late to explore the earth, born too soon to explore the galaxies.” But, it’s always the right time to change. A change for our own good. A change for humanity. Let’s push ourselves and make an effort to change to spread how important energy is to us.

 Let’s change with a purpose. Your purpose could be anything. Maybe you’re doing it assuming it will help someone somewhere or you want everyone in this world access the memes you make on the internet. It’s appreciated as long as you are willing to change.

We haven’t discovered anything that’s eternal, except ‘change’. Change is eternal. An innovator, an idealist, Steve Jobs, once said “We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here?” This saying has made a mark in my life. Every time I read the quote, I ask myself, “Am I contributing enough to evolve the society?”, “Are we a worthy product of more than 13 billion years of evolution of the universe?”, “Am I pushing myself to make an impact in the society?” These are few of the questions I ask myself and I encourage you to ask more.

So, next time there’s a power outage, rather than blaming the government, I’ll try to change it, change the system. It’s time we abolish the use of fossil fuels and rely on an affordable and modern source of energy. It’s time we bend the universe. It’s time we change the rules.

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  1. Chetan says:

    Very creativly written. Connected matters very nicely. I liked the humor in between and also loved the Star Wars reference. 🙂

  2. Nakamura mirai says:

    Greetings from goodwall

  3. Shavonne Green says:

    I think its a good concept.

  4. Murad kazmi says:


  5. Vineet says:

    Hi there. Your writing is no doubt excellent. I don’t want to be an ass by pointing out your mistakes but here’s something you can correct. The topic of discussion is not fully understandable. Is it about solar energy or about being the change? You seem to have dedicated a whole paragraph to solar energy and fossil fuels and then moved towards being the change. If your topic is solely about solar energy then you should fully commit to that. If it’s about being the change then apart from using solar energy example you should have given other examples about how to be the change.
    Overall the article is brilliant.
    P.S: I loved the star wars reference.

  6. Janvi Yadav says:

    Hey i just loved ur piece of writing…it’s amazing…i am really encouraged..thnx buddy for sharing this!

  7. Owusu Daniel says:

    Nice one, I bet u. U did ur best.. I love it
    Don’t worry about the mistakes, when we starts to run, we sometimes fall.
    Falling doesn’t mean you are a failure, it gives you strength and more reasons to rise up and move ahead, it means you can be an expert oneday. That’s how every successful person started.. Keep do the great work. Love you.
    *Owusu Daniel* a friend on Goodwall.

  8. Gabriela Khen Justice says:

    I really love it!

  9. Allen Benjamin says:

    Great work ,
    It was an extraordinary essay…
    * Be the change*

  10. Jinesh Nagda says:

    It’s truly awesome

  11. Radina says:

    It is great. I hope more people think this way because our planet really needs this kind of people. It will be great if this do not remain just an essay but you actually try your best to be the change and spread this thinking among more and more people! Good luck!

  12. Aaliya says:

    How to take part in this competition?

  13. Ishwar says:

    Wow super fantastic

  14. Amit ???? says:

    Thats quite awesome, the way you presented your thought, it really can inspire many and your start and end was on the spot!!!!
    Keep it up bruh! ????

  15. Jasvir Boparai says:

    Nice bro ! Also it’s inspiring.
    Keep it up
    God bless you for future.

  16. Batoul says:


  17. Rohan says:

    An amazing piece of work!

  18. Yogesh Sharma says:

    Its amazing .
    I like your essay format
    Keep it up

  19. Yogesh Sharma says:

    Its amazing .
    I like your essay format
    Keep it up

  20. Deniz Yengin says:

    wow really good work ????????????????

  21. Harshvardhan Dadhichi says:

    Great work. Inspiring.

  22. Suraj says:

    Worth my time.

  23. Chinmay S K says:

    Very good article keep it up

  24. Samruddh Angadi says:

    A good blog to read.

  25. Geeta Angadi says:

    Good article

  26. Navya says:

    Nice to read

  27. Prajwal Annigeri says:

    Very well written.????

  28. Nikhil Talawar says:

    Superrr bro …..thanks to Samruddh who shared me this bolg

  29. Yogesh Sharma says:

    lovely dude ,
    nice essay ,its different and effective.
    all the best :3

  30. Dr Gavisiddappa R Angadi says:

    #Outofbox thought nd creative expression… ????
    …..best thing I saw all night. I glanced up at the moon rising above, the stars twinkling, and all the constellations that formed. The night sky is exciting. What’s more exciting is the depth within the dark sky. Right now, in a galaxy far, far away, there are explosions all around…..
    Think upon this para twice…

  31. Anirudh Gudi says:

    Superb bro ????????

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