School is key into succeeding in life is what every student is told which can be true but theres different ways to looking at it and doing so. But there are problems in the school system that cause that hiccup.

School should be about finding who a person is and knowing the path they want to take. Sadly thats not the case at most schools around the country and world.

It is proven that every year over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the united states alone. there could be many possibilities as to way students drop out but the main source is the difficulties of academic or the studies are not relevant to their lives. To start with, schools should have more technology base ways to reaching out to kids. This generation runs on social media, technology and entertainment digitally.  Schools should create an instagram or Facebook to keep active with its students.

Therefore schools should try harder to connect with the students on a personal level and not making it so much pressure and force on them. School is supposed to be a safe and friendly environment for students.

Schools need to reach out to their students. They are people so they are different in their own ways and thats what makes them special. Thats what the school system needs to realize.

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  1. Marcos I Castillo says:

    The biggest problem with, “Public” schools is they often try to do a, “one size fits all education model.” Well, we all know that children/students are not all the same. Sure, they can be grouped in some similarities like visual, audible, hands-on, etc. learners. Public school teachers or district must created a curriculum that also spans from the lowest to the highest level of learning. What happens then is you have students that are struggling because they can’t keep up and then you have students that get board because they are not being challenged, the work is too easy. If your lucky the students in the middle are the only ones that get by and advance to the next grade with a sufficient master of the subject. The other two groups are more likely to cause trouble and act out causing them to be in danger of dropping out or being kicked out.

    I believe that education must use a divide and conquer approach. Group your students to provide a curriculum that best matches their level of understanding. For your best and brightest they can have a curriculum that is very challenging possibly even taught by gifted and talented certified teachers or college level professors. For students that struggle place them in classroom with smaller number or have a teacher and an assistant teacher so their is more one to one instruction. There are so many education models that could be designed for a more individual approach to learning.

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