I have researched many ideas that link with CSR and preparing ideas with sustainable development goals in mind.

These are also the ideas I submitted to the Allan Grey Entrepreneurship Challenge of 2017.

*This is an idea that opens up need for those who would like to start a environmentally friendly company.*

I believe that the Blue Oceans currently fall around the production of environmentally friendly plastic. I have researched and found that scientists are looking at algae to replace fossil fuels in the production of plastic. I believe this is great as the plastic would degrade faster but companies can look at making these plastic products edible. If these products are edible sea animals, should they ingest the plastic they receive nutrients in place of suffocation. This would also create a path for solving world hunger.

*This a project that a company who takes their CSR seriously.*
My favorite business idea is more of a charity scheme. I am a huge fan of organisations like MOHCAM who use donations to provide sanitary pads to underprivileged girls. To make a charity “super credible” is rather difficult however it is possible. I would complete my paper work to the best of my ability and even employ a legal adviser to assist me and to check my work. Then once this is complete i would start looking to big corporations for support. I would speak to representatives from Pick’n’Pay and Checkers. I would make a deal with them that for every purchase of sanitary pads and other goods, they would sponsor a percentage of these items. Should I get the support of a large company I would then look to private parties for donations. The items i would like to give these girls are pads, underwear and pain relief. However my main focus would be on providing the sanitation pads. “$50 donation will be providing sanitary pads for 46 underprivileged girls for just one month to stay at school.” This is my goal

*I believe products such as reel garden will help sustainable development.*
The inspirational young innovator I have chosen is Claire Reid. She has found a way to assist the illiterate in farming. Often poorer people buy seeds to grow their own crops but some cannot read and do not know if the plants need shade or sun or how far apart the seeds need to be planted. Reel Gardening was created by Claire Reid when she was sixteen years old. The seeds are in a bio-degradable paper strip. the seeds are placed the correct distance apart and are surrounded by fertiliser. I believe this is an inspiring innovation.

I believe everyone should get the opportunity to eat healthy food. Therefore I believe businesses like Reel Gardening (https://www.reelgardening.co.za/) should be supported and their products offered to everyone. To utilise crowd funding I would hold competitions for homegrown fruits and vegetables as well as for economical ways to grow these products. The competitions would be weekly and would be offered to everyone, but focusing mainly on the people who want to give back. There would be and entry fee of R15 for every catergory entered. The winner would receive 10% of the totaol entry fees for the catergory and the rest would be put toward a fund. This fund would then buy products like Reel Gardening and then go into communities and teach under-priveledged people to farm.

*This is an idea for a company based on research I have done.*
At PrintYOURlife we give people the opportunity to print organs, graphs and limbs that contain their own DNA or DNA which is compatible with them. People wait months possibly years to be placed at the top of the organ transport list and sometimes while waiting have many complications. the printing will possibly have a high cost as it is relatively new however it will be a more instantaneous solution.

I am in grade 11 at Jeppe High School for Girls.

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