Forests and Oceans are the trademarks of Earth. We keep continuing to cut down  forests without any consideration for what an impact a single tree can do. Forests are capable of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at an unimaginable rate. That was how there was balance in the environment initially, before the emissions of carbon dioxide occurred which was through: factories,cars,deforestation(cutting down trees and burning down forests), and the burning for fossil fuels. By sustainably managing forests we can get the wood we need without the need for cutting down more trees. Also “for every tree cut 3 more have to be planted”. Carbon dioxide is the infamous compound with a partner called methane that contribute to global warming on earth. Global warming can have negative future consequences for LEDCs and countries alike such as: flooding,drought,crop failure.

The human race has made plentiful use of the resources of earth. In fact it is much more than any other species did till now. The basic necessities for your everyday metal gadget comes from the ground itself in the form impurities. First these are found as ores and are later purified and then assembled together to get your device. So that means you have to dig in order to get the metal ore and later purify it. Miners pave their way into hills and mountains and search for the desired ore. Since we need metal ores in massive bulks then fair to say that miners have to dig and search an area of an equally massive size to find these ores. When they do that it leaves an unpleasant scar on the landscape that does not appeal to any particular eye for that matter. As a counter-measure to this miners smooth off the surface using bull dozers and they also grow new plants and shelter belts to replace the all that was lost.

 The image below is Chuquicamata mine which is the biggest in the world.

On a windy day or a stormy night the power of the wind and water are strong enough to move soil from one place to another. This is known as soil erosion. All the nutrients needed for crops to grow are “scattered to the wind” and farmers will not be able to sell any crops this way as they would’ve already died. In an extreme case desertification is caused in which the entire land turns into desert because of the loss of the topsoil(the soil containing the nutrients). One way of prevention is to grow trees and lots of them. Tress help keep the topsoil together because of their strong roots. So by cutting down forests, in affect we are causing our own downfall. Without the crops there will not be any food. Without food we will not survive.

The image below describes a desert which was once rich in soil nutrients.


We humans must never think of ourselves as the most dominant species on earth. There are thousands of species that we probably didn’t discover yet even though the we have found many species on Earth. Crops have only one distinct property, but what happens if we favor two crops and we want to them both? This is where selective breeding comes to play. If a farmer has chosen two crops he can breed them to produce a crop with the special distinctive properties of it’s ‘parents’. Even though this can be seen as a huge advantage that can provide us with vast amounts of food, there is still a major drawback to this:the number of useful species to choose from reduces. Overtime this lead to the extinction of the primitive crop if used extensively and consistently for this purpose. As species are mixed with another species and the primitive species die out there will be less biodiversity(the variety of plant life or animal life in the world).




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