As a citizen of the world, I’m concerned about the ongoing effects climate change can potentially have on our world. Donald Trump as the new President of the United States rang alarm bells for me, his lack of understanding towards climate change, including its causes, what it is and all of its potential effects.

Only a month into his presidency, he was already drawing back on the strong stance his predecessor, Barack Obama, took on protecting the environment and paving a greener future for America, and the world, by investing in clean, renewable energy. And that is exactly why I fear for the environmental future of the world with his appointment. Because the president of the United States which is one of the most influential nations in the world insist climate change is a hoax created/established by China.



Donald trump has said “nobody really knows” if climate change exists, suggesting he’ll pose significant barriers to the progression of the world in preventing climate change. Despite the fact that the melting of sea ice, the rising sea level, changes in animal migration and the increased occurrence of drought and extreme weather events do not directly necessarily affect all of us going about our everyday lives right now, they cannot be ignored, as the effects will severely impact the quality of life for future generations.

Some Leaders of the world are recognising the changes to the globe, with President Obama describing it as the greatest threat posed to future generations, Pope Francis calling for the world to act quickly, and with at least seven of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals focusing on climate change and climate action. World leaders see that climate change is a huge problem, so every day humans should too, Can’t you feel it?

Humans are a major contributor towards climate change. On average, an Australian’s carbon footprint is about 18 tonnes. That’s quite a lot, especially considering the world’s average is 4 tonnes. So, how can you reduce your carbon footprint and in turn help reduce the impacts of climate change?


Your year 5 primary teacher probably didn’t recycle, but they taught you about recycling for a good reason. Recycling is super easy and not too different from throwing things away – it just means you have to take a second to think about what you’re throwing away and where. Think you can reuse it? Keep it! Think you can recycle it? Do it! Recyclable items include paper, newspaper, cardboard, glass bottles, steel cans etc.…


Another environment friendly idea is bike riding, bike-riding isn’t merely for hipsters, riding a bike is awesome. You’re not polluting the atmosphere and you’re actually exercising on your way to school. It’s a win-win situation. Save the Earth whilst getting in your daily exercise.

This is an easy one for all you coffee lovers, Buy a travel cups you can take anywhere with you, around 500 billion coffee cups are consumed each year around the world. If everyone had a Travel cup, that number would basically be zero.

                                                                                                                                                                          Being a mindful buyer means you make an active decision when selecting the products and goods you use. Check the ingredients and the labelling at the back of the packaging. Make sure it’s Fairtrade, sustainably and ethically sourced. There are apps you can download that tell how ethical/ sustainable a product can be.

Plastic is not your friend. It’s the enemy, Seriously, Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times, 4 billion plastic bags litter the deep sea. That’s crazy. Use reusable bags instead when shopping.

A small percentage can inspire change, but a large population has to commit to it in order for it to work. The question on a lot of environmentalists’ minds is, “Are we doing enough to combat climate change?” At the moment, environmentalists are working to raise awareness of climate change and encourage people. However, in order for us to do enough for climate change, a lot more people need to know and be aware of the effects climate change could bring. The trouble is, islands are sinking and people are dying thanks to climate change and yet we’re still at the raising awareness stage. We need the great minds of today to start working to combat climate change rather than contributing to it, while the world catches up. We must work together to stop/reduce climate change and make a better living for generations to come. The Earth will end one day, but at this pace, it’s going to end faster than we will be ready for. It would be a shame for a planet that has been around for billions of years to die simply because of the negligence of the people who lived there for just a little while. We are products of our environment and products of our decisions, make your decision count



I am 16years old, live in Australia and am searching for a difference

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