You might have a passion for accomplishing, a dream to achieve and goals to accomplish. But nonetheless, living your life peacefully is everyone’s passion, dream and a goal, far greater a person can ever wish for. Without life, there is no passion. There are no dreams. And there are not any goals. There is nothing!

A simple thing a human should always keep in mind is that no matter how great you are or how many things you have your hold on. They will go. Everything you have one day will go! But people will not. People you make smiled when they were fighting a battle. Those people who you give a sense of security. A peace of mind! Every small good thing you do matters. People might not get it but you should. There is a saying of mine;

“Gems are those people who care for other while knowing that they got much going on in their life.”

Caring, loving and kindness are peace! They are the ways you make peace with others and yourself. Contentment comes from Peace and Humanity comes from Justice. There is another saying of mine;

“Without peace, there is no justice. But with peace, there are things far greater than this.”

Another golden saying of mine;

“Peace without justice is no peace. And Justice without peace is no justice.”

People are dying in every country. Some are being buried alive. And some are being tortured till their very last breath. Where is ‘Peace’? Where is ‘Justice’? “Where is ‘Humanity’?

The most disturbing thing is that ‘People are killing People’. Why? Because they are not same as you are. They don’t belong to the same religion as you do. They are of different race. Is that your excuses? Then shame on all those people who kill. You are actually evaporating peace out of this world. Well, I also heard that people kill out of hatred. They have immense hate inside of their heart and they can’t control. They just kill. Is it that simple? People also always kill for money not knowing that one day the wealth they are killing someone for will vanish. They, themselves will die too. Too sad for those people!
A saying of mine;

“If you take away peace from someone’s life, then there will be no place for peace in your life.”

On the other hand, many people are being betrayed by their own families. They are left alone. People don’t notice them also, fearing that the same thing might happen to them, too. They do not get justice. All they get is less than what they deserved. Before breaking someone heart, think first. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Always think before you do anything! Always plan before doing any actions!

In my point of view, killing is the major cause of inhumanity. If all of us just help a little to make it right, then many things can be corrected.

Do you ever question your own self about ‘why people are dying every second’?  What could go wrong? Don’t you think that the people of the world should take a huge step on this? Do you think that they die because of their own actions? Or are you more likely to blame it on people?

Well, the causes are many. Inhumanity, injustice, inequality and et cetera et cetera. What I want is to promote peace and justice throughout the world for sustainable development. For a healthy and wealthy environment. Where no one is treated less than anyone else. There are many corporations that can help support and promote peace and justice. But it’s true that many are not doing it. People should promote peace and deal with matters of justice. In this way, it will help develop the world a much better and effective place.

I am a writer, photographer, thinker and a student. I have so many passions and dreams to achieve. My main goal is to inspire people to do something meaningful with their lives. To find their passion. Travelling and learning are my two best friends. Soon be an entrepreneur and also a motivational speaker ?

5 Comments » for ‘Dove Dies in Every Country’
  1. Syra Syed says:

    Beautiful choose of words. Good luck girl. Proud of you. 🙂

  2. warda says:

    Such a Good Article!

  3. Samee-haider says:

    Nice sayings! Keep it up

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