“ Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves “ — Abraham Lincoln.

Tunisia had to deal with major issues after the revolution of 14th January, these problems were interconnected and caused more difficulties to the government.

One of these issues was to increase annual growth to reduce unemployment rate, reverse the low living standards and develop the underprivileged interior regions.

Even though after “ the Arab spring “ the government tried to provide more chances for “the lost generation “ yet rates of unemployment are still high, reaches 15.5 percent (2016), not only that but the youth unemployment rate is likely to be at least twice as high 35.69 percent (2016).

Young people seeking work know that the only means of being employed is by bribing a potential employer, or having excellent connections to politicians and powerful businessmen.

Which led the youth to feel a lack motivation and opportunities to live.
The poverty and miserable living conditions made it worse for the majority.

These consequences increased numbers of people joining terrorist groups, according to a survey in Tunisia more than 40% of terrorists in Tunisia are university graduates, and it is all due to the failure of the development model and the inadequacy between the education system and the needs of the labor market and the failure of the vocational training system and its inability to attract young people.

The devastation of young people turned into wrath and rage, their wasted dreams become seeking corruption after all that subjugation.

These groups have been active a long time ago, many countries were victims of their barbaric attacks recently.
It’s tragic to see people pulling down not only their country but different other parts of the world.

Furthermore, this economic crisis, increased sharply number of illegal immigrants from Tunisia and other countries going through revolutions.
An immigration crisis on Italy’s southern islands is getting worse as more boats arrive from North Africa.

According to UNICEF “ As many as 75 percent of the refugee and migrant children interviewed in Italy as part of the study decided independently to embark on the journey. “ And 92% of children who arrived to Italy by sea in 2016 were unaccompanied.

The idea of non changeable future immersed the minds of poor countries. Hopelessness took lead, because they forgot the taste of happiness

If this article is going to send a message, it is going to be crystal clear :

The economic issues of The Arab Spring are not only affecting north Africa and the middle east. They are major problems that affects the whole world.
Standing for these nations is standing for the world.

Stronger economic growth is crucial to social and political stability. The journey has started, reinforcement from people are needed now more than ever.

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