Public diplomacy isn’t a “government-government” diplomacy, but rather а “government-public” or “public-public” diplomacy.
Public diplomacy is “communication with foreign public aimed at establishing a constructive dialogue designed to inform and influence”.
A variety of countries are aware of public diplomacy concept, but the single country possessing public diplomacy strategy is Australia, though the latter containing no clear guidelines for actions.

Public diplomacy can often be observed in connection with cultural, but almost never – economic one, despite the fact that perspective investors are not mere governments, but also corporations. Economic public diplomacy must, first of all, be an aim of a certain country corporations to be directed to corporations of another country as the corporations themselves produce major impact at different countries public in world arena (Apple, Virgin, Microsoft etc.), promoting their commodities simultaneously with country ad campaigns and its economic culture.

Economic public diplomacy is a bond distinguished in few sources of some American articles, at Lithuania governmental website and indirectly – in Australian public diplomacy for 2014-2016.

I am confident that facilitating of corporative missions at international arena the topic of economic public diplomacy must be raised more frequently: the concept to be clearly identified and strategy properly elaborated. In my viewpoint the priority target of economic public diplomacy should be engaging foreign publics into the economic policies and the context of economic policies. Only after that – simplified variant – to highlight a country an attractive direction to invest into.

Though we can’t accomplish everything with soft power alone and we can’t accomplish everything with hard power alone, so informing about our economics and its perspectives we have to work on raising its level at the same time.
To sum up, for economy-related resolutions in global scale and economic growth of a country and partner-states economic cooperation should be fortified. The intensity of our economic cooperation depends on two key factors: dynamics of our own development and efficiency of our economic diplomacy.

At an example of public diplomacy strategy that I’ve been developing for Ukraine I am going to explain my assumptions for its creation. Its existence is a burning issue for developing countries. The present strategy must be equally utilized by government as well as business, especially by corporations  as well as mere citizens.

Basic steps:
1.      Listening first and researching international market
2.      Develop advocacy strategy
3.      Exchange information

First of all, using Mass Media as a main tool to share information.
1.      Start with inventing Digital Marketing Strategy
2.      Make official sites and social networks of our government and overseas branches informative and attractive
3.      Use tools like Facebook, YouTube and so on to represent Ukraine in creative and appealing way

Who’s going to be the main players on the field?
1.      Key private sector organizations, social activists and NGOs
2.      Ukrainian and foreign business leaders
3.      Ukrainian overseas residents

Better start with government support seeking to improve existence of  business in Ukraine.  Work at simplifying bureaucratic processes and decrease tax burden for small and medium business is a significant consent, but if combined with attraction of investors to the country, should be worth investing.

Your main points should be
1.      Attracting sponsorship for public diplomacy events and working together to represent Ukraine to foreign publics through the partner networks
2.      Investments for startups from private sector
3.      Facilitating dialogue between business leaders
4.      Business media and cultural exchanges

Next thing is attracting with social projects.
Social project is a step to life standards enhancement and opportunity to attract attention of foreign publics, invite for exchange and cooperation (for example, that’s what AIESEC does in Ukraine). Socially vulnerable groups and people who fall into them, since economic crisis and military actions are intensifying each year.
An example of successful system operation in Ukraine is the program of local economic development, Western NIS Enterprise Fund. By 2023, the budget totals $ 35 million. WNISEF was the first donor for ProZorro, which saves  more than $ 1 billion of Ukrainian budget.
Another example is Urban Space 100 (Ivano-Frankivsk, since 2016), where shows, lectures and discussions are held. It was funded by 100 patrons of art, each donated $ 1000. The entire profit of the institution is directed exclusively to the implementation of urban projects in Frankivsk.

Then attract with education and research.
1.      International workshops and fairs to familiarize our publics as well as foreign publics with opportunities in Ukraine and abroad
2.      Entrepreneurship summits to motivate and assist young business leaders and potentially capable youth acquainting them with foreign business leaders
3.      Technoparks at the basis of universities (Sikorsky Challenge, the largest startup producer in Ukraine, 100-150 per year, gains over $ 20 000 from foreign investors annually)
4.      Incubators

My extra proposition, entirely new in Ukraine, is to hold special events about working abroad for Ukrainian small and medium business support that represent
1.      Analysis and research at a foreign country market
2.      Participation in a workshop on business features in this country
3.      Export consulting and marketing materials verification
4.      Business-to-business meetings with partners of this country

The last thing you have to work on is developing export strategy.
As many developing countries, Ukraine sell to the world predominantly unprocessed raw materials, there is almost no export of high-tech products. The target is not just increase in exports, but its qualitative diversification and technological complication.
The same problem is with the most significant and progressive branch in 21st century – IT sphere. Although our IT industry is focused on foreign markets, due to the fact that its material part is outsourcing, according to representatives of Microsoft in Ukraine there is a need to create their own products. Ukraine should be represented as an international hub for the development of complex technologies.

All these ideas you can use to create an economic public diplomacy development strategy for almost any country in the world that might help to solve global problems in economic sphere.
Just remember that in economic public diplomacy our credibility is our greatest strength

I saw the war, I saw the revolution. Literally. 18 years, Ukraine, Kyiv. Strong-willed, open-minded, the l e a d e r. ENTJ. 1st year student, Investments & Innovations Management.

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