Every human being, regardless of religion, race, sex, gender, has the right to have human rights. However, most of the time, human rights are being violated everywhere. Education is human right number 26. If anyone takes away your education, they are violating your human right number 30. After all, you are human; after all, you deserve human rights, you have human rights by law.


     A fair education (equitable) for everyone (inclusive) is pretty easy to say, but difficult to achieve. Most candidates in politics promise education to people, but few are able to achieve it. But before we go deeper, let’s define education. The best definition is by Albert Einstein and I quote: “Education is what is left after you have forgotten everything you learned at school.” (Einstein). In other words, Einstein referred to education as lifelong learning. It is pretty easy to learn a ton of facts before a test, but how can we use those facts in real life, how can we apply our learning in school into everyday life? This essay will answer: how can we successfully achieve a fair education for everyone that will leave lifelong learning in everyone.


    According to the OECD (2015), Mexico spends 20.5% of its expenditure in education. In other words, Mexico spends more money in education than countries like South Korea, Switzerland, United States, Germany, France, and Japan. However, in the 2012 PISA test, Mexico scored in 34th place (last place). Then, why is it that Mexico, spending more money that top-achieving countries in the 2012 PISA test, scored last? The problem is quality.


     According to another OECD study (2012), Mexico has the most teachers with lack of preparation, delays and absenteeism. Teachers influence students in an unbelievable way. It depends what kind of teachers you have, that will influence who you will become, and this is best exemplified by “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teachers demonstrates. The great teacher inspires”. Think about it: having a mediocre teacher is like having an alcoholic parent is like having an alcoholic parent; having a great teacher is like having a loving parent who clips your wings and lets you fly wherever you want. If you have an alcoholic parent, chances are that you too will be an alcoholic. Bad habits are passed on very easily without effort. Building up good habits take time, perseverance, determination, and resilience but great teachers are capable of raising kids with good habits. Great teachers are capable of planting the seeds of tomorrow, so that one day, those seeds will become the leaders of tomorrow. Great teachers can cost a lot. But in the long term, what a mediocre teacher leaves behind is nothing but a mess, and to fix that mess will cost more than great teachers. Great teachers is what we need to make education equitable.


     According to Inegi (2015), 4,749,057 Mexican people are illiterate. This means that 5.5% of the 119,530, 753 citizens do not know how to read or write. This demonstrates that education in Mexico is not being inclusive to a great deal of the population, especially to women. 60% of the illiterate people in Mexico are women. To ensure that women do not face oppression, we need to teach society that sex doesn’t define you—being a women does not make you less, you are as worth as men, you have the potential to achieve as much as men. To make education inclusive to everyone, we need to ensure that students are not dropping school because they are forced to work to make an income to feed the family. Low socio-economic background make children prone to illiteracy. First, we need to think of ways to fight absolute poverty which is the environment where illiteracy is higher. Every year, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. It is time to find a way to make the poor become richer, so that less students drop out school because of economic needs.



    As an MYP student, I know the difference between a concept and a fact. A fact is what you learn for a test after pulling an all-nighter, and by the next week, that fact will be forgotten. A concept is what will stay with you forever. The purpose of learning what we learn at school is to empower ourselves with knowledge. But do not mistake “empower ourselves with knowledge” with knowing an endless amount of facts that you will never use. You can learn about how the body works in your biology class, but how do you make it a lifelong learning? After all, if you are not interested in how the body works, our educational system allows you to “study to pass”. Pull an all-nighter, poison yourself with excessive caffeine, and you will pass your class. But keep in mind that what you are doing, is not something worth doing. Whenever you do something, do something to your best ability and not because you are forced to. Think about how you can change all those restless facts into something you may use in life. How about connecting all your biology facts to everyday life, like watching over your health or thinking about all the luxuries that we enjoy thanks to science and its discoveries. The educational system is not perfect. But, you can start fixing it by starting with you. How about you “study to learn” instead of “study to pass”. Do not think of learning as getting 100s, think of learning as gaining new experiences. Allow yourself to fail a couple of times and reflect on those experiences, and when you do, you will have lifelong experiences and learning.


     No one can take away your human rights. No one can take away your right to education.





I am half Japanese and half Mexican. I am 16 years old and I love science and mathematics. I have been in different schools in Mexico and England and I can tell you that Mexico has an immense problem with education, but we can help solve it, and in this essay, you can find some ideas that I have in mind. I have been raised in a privilege socio-economic background, and I have always attended high-achieving school. The problems addressed here are not about me. They are about people around me.

11 Comments » for Education as a human right, NOT as a privilege
  1. Gargee says:

    Impressive…..and Good luck ????

  2. Zena Ayubu says:

    It’s a nice idea I believe that we should study to learn and not study to pass

  3. Noemi Takebayashi Caballero says:

    Thank you Gargee and Zena!!

  4. Noor Ullah says:

    I am half pakistan and half afghanistan. I am 18 years old and I love science. I have been in different schools in pakistanI can tell you that pakistan has an immense problem with education, but we can help solve it, and in this essay, you can find some ideas that I have in mind. I have been raised in a privilege socio-economic background, and I have always attended high-achieving school. The problems addressed here are not about me. They are all about the people around the world.
    i will forward this essay to all my friends and family.

  5. Deepa Ranpara says:

    This is simply brilliant. We Have Rights however.. most of the time the government takes this rights from us.. so who’s fault is it really for iliteracy in 3rd world countries..Love the essay though.

    • Noemi Takebayashi Caballero says:

      Thank you! And I guess we as citizens share the same guilt as the government for not speaking up for what corresponds to us.

  6. Sneha Rai says:

    Great work!!!

  7. Gabriela Hernández says:

    I am Mexican, too and I agree in absolutely everything you said. I am currently studying high school and I can say that there are plenty of things that could be way better. Instead of giving us so many tests of topics we will forget about after having taken it, we should be taught about the real importance of knowledge and culture. I loved your essay.

  8. Josia palmer says:


  9. Hamayoon says:

    Amazing performance,,

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