Education is the foundation of society .we made technology by it we got to the moon by it .first thing have you ever asked yourself .why is there always money for war but not for education,how many books are thrown in the trash every year while others want it that’s reason why a lot of people don’t have ability to learn so that we can make app that help people to donate books that they don’t use and countries to donate free scholarship and get a chance .second thing alot of countries have free education system it’s not efficient like the other so that,we must develop it to keep up with times and put the past aside and make our advances like einsein and newton they set rules for us to start not to save it and forget it afer testing , we should allow students to think and save agood and comfortable environment and courage them and let them learn what they want .

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  1. Mahmoud says:

    Best article I read

  2. Adham says:

    Its a good one

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