First, Start with the youngest people, They have a little brain who can’t handle all of that’s study and informations they can’t just remember everything the teacher said they are not a COMPUTER who can save a lot of things in it. And at the end teachers blame these children for not getting high grades. They are not the problem here and they are not stupid either. The problem in that, that they put alot of things to study in children’s brain and their brain can’t handle it. It’s too much for them. Like are you expecting them to be “Genius” by adding much things that don’t fit their mental age or brain?

BUT what will happened if you gave them little informations to study?

I will tell you what will happend:

1: they will remember these things that they studied for the rest of their life.

AND by the way i’m a 17 year old girl who didn’t remember anything when i was younger. just few things.

2: they will never fail in any test. And they will be happy and not getting worries of anything because they don’t have to worry because they are KIDS.

My sister failed in math test when she was 7. They made her to repeat the test for not repeating this year again. Is that good for you doing this? Or that’s how you make the kid smarter? By made them fail and made them sad and thinking that they are idiots because their brain isn’t able to have much informations?

Second, the teenagers like me in highschool. Most of things i hate is that why i study things i didn’t wanna to study? Like why i can’t choose the subject i wanted to learn and interesting in it? Most of students in grade 11(first year of highschool) fail in final exams. Because we study EVERYTHING. And by Everything i mean it. We study biology, physics, chemistry, philosophy, history، geography etc.. That’s too much for us! We’re still not computers and not a memory card to stor everything like that in our brain. We are humans. And get tired. Because our brain storage is full So when you try to add another things we can’t accept it and maybe that things in our brain get deleted by adding too much things. If someone choose what she\he wanted to learn and study it we will be more successful in that thing in the future. And that what you supposed to need. To be successful in our life. So why studing subject that’s not necessary for us?

Third, every school have this fun time or what students wanna to learn if it’s “another language or art or music etc..” Why then we didn’t have this? Okay okay, i won’t lie we have art and music and P.E. what did we do and learn in them? NOTHING. What the point of just listening to music in music class? We supposed to L E A R N. Not setting their like idiots. And the same in art. And tell me again, what the point of just getting outside in the P.E. making little exercises that doesn’t matter at all? We supposed to learn instruments and how to play it. Supposed to learn art and how to draw. Supposed to learn basketball, football. And acting and singing etc.. So are you calling this fun time? By doing nothing important at all?

Fourth, the last year of highschool, that year all students kell themself in studying to get the highest marks. If we didn’t we are over. We won’t get our dream jop. And won’t do anything just stand there without money and nothing. Will، you will say it’s okay there’s nothing wrong about it. Will that’s wrong. First of all it’s too much oppression when “some kind of teachers” mark the test and get the mark completely wrong. Because if you got 94.5% at the end and you have to get 95% to study what you wanted in college and go to your dream college, then you can’t. You have to get that 95% or you have to find another thing to study. Can you imagine that with me? I wanted to be Graphic Designer. And i had to get like for total 89% then i studied hard and take lessons all the year to get that 89% but after all of that i couldn’t get that. What would you feel about that? What would you feel if you can’t study or work what you always dreamed of?

The last reason i wanna to mention, i remember learning french when i was in grade 1 or something like that. What i’m supposed to be? To be perfect at it right? But in fact i can’t even say a sentence in french. Not only me but my friends too. So why AGAIN we are wasting our time in nothing? Not only french but my English like you notice. I learned English from year one and my grammar is bad. I just learn myself a little bet.

So that’s was the main reasons i hate the education there. How can i supposed to love something like that?

If that all change. Everyone will be happier and successful in his life and not like me trying to run away from the education there.

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  1. Dilshan Marasinghe says:

    Wow Karen! This is some great piece of work here! Your points are strong and valid. The only problem is that you have a lot of grammatical mistakes in there. Other than that, your essay is fine 🙂

    • Karen_ehab says:

      Thanks so much Dilshan???? and i know my grammer is bad and mentioned the reason in the essay anyways thanks again!

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