Philippines’ national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, once said that “The youth is the hope of one’s nation.”(“Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.”) And without education the youth would be clueless and the nation’s future could grow into chaos.
It is true that countries should focus more on educating the youth and giving opportunities for those who are unable to afford education. It is true that education should be accessible for everyone, that education is one of the things we need to have a better future. It is true that youth should be given the chance to use their voice, that the youth’s ideas are needed in this world. All of these are true and I hope people will continue to appeal for this, the world needs more people who appeal for this. It is true that education is important but remember that living our lives is necessary.
Spending all of our time in school and forgetting that we can also learn from things outside it, could kill us. It could kill us not physically, but maybe emotionally, or spiritually, or even mentally. Without knowing that there are also lessons in life and not just lessons in school could be dangerous. With this happening it could destroy us and also the nation. What will be the use of education if the students aren’t living their lives? What will be the hope of the nation if the youth is not there to represent it?
My appeal for this is that education should involve teaching students how to live their lives. Education should help us accept whatever talents we have and help us in improving it. It should not be about ranking or grades or beating each other. It should teach us that numbers shouldn’t define us, that test results does not assess whatever makes you unique and exceptional. Because test results will only show you how you did on that day and not how you improved on something or learned something new about life. It should help us realize that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses, that those weaknesses can be turned into strengths. It should teach us that there are so much more to life than whatever is written on the book, that life is more than what is expected of it. Education should teach us that.
It shouldn’t be about teaching a fish to climb a tree or pushing a pediatrician to treat an animal. It should teach us to be flexible but not make us be something we’re not. Binibing Pilipinas 2016 winner, Maxine Medina, said that “Education can make you even a better person.” And that’s true but without teaching students what it would be like to live life then I would disagree to what she said. Education is an important part of one’s life. Whatever it taught us, could take us places or take us nowhere.
Education, in disguise of school or universities, should teach us that living is necessary. It should teach us that fun is also learning, that making mistakes is needed to grow, that failing is not always bad, that when you fall you can always rise, that learning is not always inside school.
I’m writing this in hopes being heard. In hopes of being understood that the youth needs more than just books, that the world needs to put more effort into making education better. I hope that this serves as an eye opener not just for the government but also the students, that they shouldn’t stress themselves over something they’d forget years from now. I also hope that the parents will realize that their children needs them, that the youth also need their parents to teach them life, that they need more attention to grow more in life and lastly, that loving could be best learned by feeling.
The world needs the youth and the youth needs the world. Let’s not forget the aim of having education; It’s to live a better future and not be scared of the future because of knowing nothing about living. Let’s all aim for a world that sees a better future.
To those who are unable to go to school, I hope your government helps you, but aside from that, remember that living a life is better than doing nothing at all. You can still learn, you can still dream, you can still hope and you can still change the world.
To all of you, remember that you can change the world and remember that after all this, living is what matters.

Reserved for the glory of God.

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