My parents never stopped retelling me that education is the most imperative thing that can be passed down to you. That’s because, compared to all the material things in this world, no one could take it away from you; and I do believe in that. We have the basic construction of learning, from which we will benefit from to put into use in the possible future to serve the community. However, how about those who were not given the chance to go to school because their priority remains the question, “How will I survive for tomorrow?” Not all the people in this world are given a chance to receive education, that is not just a right but also a need; a need that will emphasize the world that they see. Yet, they also have the need to survive in this world to continue seeking for the answer to the question of whether they’ll be able to witness another tomorrow every passing day. My country, Philippines, were able to witness these situations where the supposed to be students are working instead to support their family.

                Education has been part of many facets in the world that we are living in, the way we think reflects about the knowledge we take in every part of our lives. A person can be differentiated, jobless, lack basic things of living, starve to death, unable to attain the health care services and even do things that should not be done because of lack of knowledge about what is wrong and what is right. I consider myself privileged to study and worry only on how would I get better grades while others who have the same age as mine get to work for them to feed something in their stomachs. I hope that every individual in this world to have the same privilege as I have right now where I go to school and learn. A lot of individuals wanted to go to school but were not given the chance and wishes to have the same way of having education as what I have right now.

                If the education is a necessity, quality education is a prerequisite the most. My nation is also facing the lack of efficacies and even teachers to teach every student in a classroom. My own country isn’t alone in facing these kinds of situations but even other countries that wishes to provide everyone a quality education, but how? It is not just the deficiency of education among individuals are the problems in the education limited to, but as well as the lack of schools, rooms, supplies and teachers. Everyone wants to have access to learn and gain knowledge. Yet, the lack of what we need for learning will eventually lead to absence of learning itself. That’s why quality education is a need for every student.

                We learn different values, beliefs, and habits as we are being introduced to respect the different kinds of it. The foundation of education is as almost the same as forming own’s perspective and interpretations because it molds us to who we are right now. We are learning the value of respect to teachers, parents, and elderly as a form of professionalism because we are being taught to have the sense of compassion to others. Education itself isn’t just a form systematic learning but also the lesson of attitudes and important attributes that should not only be applied on our papers marked by our pens but also in real life in the real world. This proves that education isn’t limited about grades, exams, and assignments because in the end, we are still and will be exposed in blending ourselves interacting in our daily lives.

There are a lot of individuals who have the capabilities and skills to help their community and soon, the world. In places such as remote areas, students and even residents have ambitions to have their dream profession as a living and helping their respective communities. Because of their enthusiasm to go to school, they are enduring to walk miles away from their home in a Rocky Mountains, swimming across the rivers and crossing unsafe bridges just to attend school. These students need a school that is accessible for the students to attend to so that they wouldn’t have to go through dangerous places for them to attain education. They need education and this goes to show that education is necessary and by the means that it should help and accommodate them to reach their goals.

                The world itself is currently facing a lot of problems starting from hunger, poverty and the list goes on, but wouldn’t be the education might be the answer for the problems in this world? If we have education, we use our knowledge to know and solve problems in this world by having the people unleash their ideas. If we learn, we use them and get innovative from them. Education is what we need, to help alleviate the problems of hunger by learning to produce healthy foods to sustain the body’s nutritional needs, having a credibility to have stable job and reducing poverty and crime rates, achieve health care services, create an efficient energy and water generating machines, have the full understanding that gender isn’t a barrier for us to do things what we want, learn and practice the proper decorum, have the socio-economic needs under control, to make the world eco-friendly by reducing doing activities that would give the environmental and the aquatic life negative feedback, and  creating developmental projects or ideas for the future enhancements. The education is the need to have our problems solved or reduced. If everyone has the same and equal distribution of education, we have the chance to unite and find answers to the problems that we are currently facing. We have minds and having education helps us to emphasize our knowledge and wisdom to help our fellowmen in the future and help each other to develop each state of living of every individual.


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