Gender Inequality refers to the unequal treatment of an individual on the basis of their gender. We come across a problem that every country have faced or is facing even now. By unequal treatment I mean in some countries of this world men and women are treated differently based on their gender. Women have to look and care over the house and children and men obviously  have to be financially stable, responsible as to maintain ‘their’ family. But a question arises from this, where these, let’s call them ‘duties’ came from? and what are the roots of gender inequality? I myself am furious about the idea that men have it easy in the workforce as well in social life, they are respected in the family, instead women specially in developing and under developed countries still are considered as inferior and are not respected equally in families. From researches that I have done myself I came to know where this ‘duties’ came from. 

We can say that gender discrimination defines ‘race’. We come in contact with the word ‘race’ many times, but what it actually mean we don’t know clearly. We usually call ‘race’ a group of people who have the same religious practices, language etc. Europeans fist came to define race when they encountered natives of their continent, they noticed their skin color but they were more interested in in the difference between their religious practices, cultural practices from their own culture. They were able to decide which kind of people were inferior, they believed that group of people which did not treat women and men as different were considered ‘uncivilized’. Marriage costumes and sexual practices were all important factors for Europeans to actually differentiate certain group of people as civilized or uncivilized. Another important factor that biologically distinct women from men is the ability to bear children. For some reason throughout history there was something inferior in having a female body and producing offspring.

So now that we have discussed about the origin of gender inequalities, we might talk about the problem of modern society to explain gender inequality and overcome it.

Our world is changing day by day , developing, new technologies have shaped our society but if we think about what these development changed in our way of thinking, I would say that it did not change that much regarding gender inequality. Feminists throughout history and even now tried their best to change the perceptions of gender difference. But why are they hated so much by the society? they are seen as people who want and take action to be superior than men, but I personally think that are people who want their voices to be heard, maybe they are doing in a inefficient manner. In which way then, society is affected by feminists?

Feminists have a lot of power in the media and I think they protect only women who are liberal, who consider themselves as feminists and fit their narratives. Because of this fact men who are victims of domestic violence by women are often not considered or sometimes ignored by the media. let’s be honest here, some women or men are taking the word feminist in a different direction. Women who hate men and are disrespectful to them are  these days tagged as feminist and it is really funny because this people excuse themselves by considering themselves as feminists. We should be tactful when using the word feminist. 

It is suite funny the fact that people are champions in acquiring and giving myths about genders. For decades these myths are leading the beliefs about different male and female behaviors. For example:

  1. Men are practical, women are childish
  2. men are strong, women are weak
  3. men are independent and can lead, women are dependent followers etc.

I can give some examples of stereotypes that are affecting men’s life:

  1. men are childish, women are mature
  2. men are brutish, women are gentle
  3. men are sexually uncontrolled, women are sexually refined etc.

These beliefs are followed by the society deeply and sincerely. But why limiting our minds by these stereotypes? I think since our world is continuously developing, we still lack a development in our minds. We are not considering the fact that we are individual with different traits. We shouldn’t think that only men and women are different because the reality is each of us is different from one another. All these stereotypes are affecting badly on our lives, we should wake up and change our mind and stop being limited. 

And lastly but not less important the inequality that women face every day in the work sphere. Why are women paid lesser than men even though that do the same job with the same amount of work? People might think that the reasons for these rules came from the stereotype that women are not efficient in doing their job or to the fact that they need more assistance and care during pregnancy or maternity leave. I think that is purely stupid to think this way, women are not less qualified of doing any job than men, and as for this they don’t need to be paid less than them either.

As for this composition I would consider myself nor a feminist nor a sexist but an Egalitarian who believe in a world in which men and women could live their lives without prejudice and stereotypes.

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  1. Raj says:

    Beautifully written, expressed very well ????????

  2. Satvir says:

    Very nice article… very nicely written…

  3. Pankaj Dviwedi says:

    I do agree with content, we definitely need to change our thinking towards men or women. Although it will take time to change mind set which is coming all the way from generations together but let’s start from ourselves. Change starts from me only.

  4. Guneet says:

    Very good jessica very nicely written????????????????????????Proud of you and best of luck????????????????

  5. Sandeepan Dass says:

    “And lastly but not less important the inequality that women face every day in the work sphere. Why are women paid lesser than men even though that do the same job with the same amount of work?”

    As you said Less payment for girls. I’ve seen none nowadays report that if there is a girl doing the same job and she is getting paid less.

    or I consider it as a way of watching things and the rest written was really acceptable..
    yeah I’m ashamed to admit that “MENs” are really like that…

    we can do nothing accept one thing is to change ourselves and our acquaints..

  6. sd says:

    I am impressed by the way you expressed your thoughts. Good luck.

  7. Raghav. Kumar says:

    Ehh gud 1

  8. Angad says:

    nic article

  9. Dr.Paramjot says:

    Well expressed Jessica????Gender inequality is less in developed countries as compared to developing countries like India.

  10. Narinderjit Kaur says:

    Nice work Jessica……wish you a good luck????????

  11. Jasdeep says:

    I agree…. very good
    I don’t how will humanity be safe without womans.
    So please Respect the woman

  12. Harwinder says:

    Good job, expressed her views very nicely and gracefully…..proud of you

  13. yogesh says:

    Great work

  14. Shubham Gupta says:

    Good job!!! Nicely written with well selected words . I appriciate this article

  15. Parneet says:

    Nyc 🙂

  16. Gurpreet says:

    Good job Jessica

  17. nitish says:

    Excellently written..liked the way she expressed. Nice work jessica .all the best

  18. Anurag Walia says:

    Very well written Jessica!..????
    Keep it up!!

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