There is a word for ‘being human’. We call it ‘humanity’. Some people view humanity as a state open to improvements, some others view it as a dynamic state which changes through time. We can find two similarities in both opinions, which is open to change. Humanity is indeed open to change. However, I personally believe that it is not going to change, especially for the better if we don’t take actions to improve it. Such aspects including ensuring gender equality for both men and women.

Let me continue by stating that I do not see the pursuit of gender equality as making women overpower men. I believe in a balance of all aspects of life, hence why gender equality to me is ensuring that both men and women have equal opportunities to strive for the life they want and deserve. It is not something that only women should strive and fight for because gender equality is humanity’s issue and it affects us all.

I chose to focus on empowering women because of many reasons, mainly because women are still the subject of discrimination in several areas of the world[1]. Other than that, I believe that women have the same power and potential to change humanity for the better as men if all of us are given the chance and opportunity.

In 2013, there are on average thirty-four million female adolescents out of sc­­­­hool globally, missing out chances to learn skills for work.[2] This number is four million less than male adolescents out of school. Other than that, two-thirds of the illiterate people are women.[3] Being illiterate means that some women are currently facing terrible difficulties to pursue any type of learning process, whereas it being in a formal institution or in any other forms. Every year, an estimated number of 15 million girls under 18 are married, with little to no say in the matter[4], forcing them to quit or deny their rights of quality education. It also reduces their sense of self-worth and confidence. On the other hand, in the working environment, some women in the United States of America are still underpaid[5]. Even with the same level of education and position, in 2015, women in the U.S. are only being paid on average 74% on what their male colleagues are receiving.[6] These facts alone show that the world is not currently equal on the opportunities for women opposed to men.

I acknowledge the fact that there are some cultures that teach women’s roles are mainly at home to take care of their families and children. However, I do not see this as a reason to reject women from their rights of receiving the same level of education or the same position in the work environment as men. Having smart, well-educated women, whoever they choose to be, is a benefit to us all. For example, in 2014 Forbes published an article about a research conducted by DDI and The Conference Board that shows out of 20% of companies with the strongest financial performance, 27% of those companies’ leaders are women.[7] Even if they choose to stay at home, well-educated women can manage better households and educate their children, hence also creating a generation of smart, well-educated children[8]. This proves my statement that women also have an important role and potential in improving humanity as men. By giving all women chances to obtain a quality education and empowerment, we are a few steps into reaching gender equality.

These are why I believe anyone should support the cause of women empowerment and giving them access to quality education, especially in areas where these privileges are scarce. Education and empowerment open a whole new world of opportunities for all. From small actions as teaching them how to read and write gives them a sense of worth and enables them to a lot of new opportunities and chances for development. Education and empowerment give confidence and a sense of ability to do something for their own or their surrounding’s good. These efforts are something very powerful and crucial to achieving gender equality.

The question that remains to us all is how and who can be involved in supporting this cause. The answer is everyone can be involved. Simple things that can be done include teaching a girl or woman how to read, count, and write. Tell them that their opinion matters. Other things that we can do are raising funds or starting a social campaign to provide easy access to information by providing books, reading materials, and internet connection to areas where these privileges are scarce. We can also continue supporting efforts already made by organizations, such as Girls Not Brides[9], UN Women[10], or United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative[11].

These actions, whether it be simple or large, can change a woman’s life.

In conclusion, I believe that to change humanity for the better, we need to start acting on changing aspects that need improvement, including gender equality and ending discrimination. Providing access to quality education, supporting them, and empowering them are some of the ways that we can start on. Starting these actions are just simple ways to ensure gender equality between men and women, and eventually simple steps to a better humanity.


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  1. Sita says:

    awesome piece!

  2. ZILKA MUSTAFA says:

    Trully proud and recpect your concern to this matter. If all women around the world have same page and moved together do these programs it will make a huge support for women. Better life for women themselves. Thank you.

  3. Mia Utari says:

    Very good writing Putri dear..????????????❤️❤️❤️

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    Such an amazing essay. I adore your work so much. Love it.


  6. saniff zainab says:

    Very well put in a manner of understanding. In this growing world….there are still far vast differences between the 2 gender. Well written and direct to the point. Keep up the good work.

  7. Yenny says:

    Very nice and meaningfull essay ????

  8. Indah lela says:

    Mantap putri ashoyyyy

  9. Mnurhani says:

    Love this essay !

  10. Arisida Pulungan says:

    Well said

  11. anie handayani says:

    agree…very good writing Putri..

  12. Rita Wirakusumah says:

    Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them – Shakespeare.
    “You did great Putri … Bravo!!!”????????????

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    • Miranda Aisha Putri says:


      Hello, Jim.
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      I am glad and thankful that you took the time to read my entry. Please do help me spread the word about my entry to your family, friends, and colleagues.

      Regards, Miranda.

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