I remember the time, where there was no weeping and screaming, tremendous shaking and fighting, but birds flying, trees so tall and green, clouds so white and pure, water so fresh and clean, and mother earth so young and joyous, the epitome of freshness and nature-motherhood. I wish I was never reincarnated to this day, I wish I was still there with her.


                Mother Earth with us, it was a scenery of a simple life. Playing with sticks and leaves spotted, pointing clouds so clear of pictures seen, swimming in the river as clean as mother earth’s eyes, pure. Not when civilization came, playing with gadgets all night, non-stop, playing with toys artificial and nature-product. We plant trees, grow and make them strong, but you cut them. We segregate trashes, but improper waste disposal was all your choice. We clean water, make corals the habitat of fishes, but are you that stupid to destroy it? We play with care, you play for profit.


                That day, sunny morning, cool breeze of the wind, we were plating crops, the half fruits, while the other were vegetables, and a visitor came, and we’re glad it was mother earth. Seeing her on a suit like ours, the day went well, supposed to be. Then another one came, I thought you were good, at the start, but you betrayed us, the whole community. I was disappointed so was she, modernization came, stole plants we planted, animals we took care off, water systems we managed, half of the world’s biodiversity was easily taken for granted, and there I saw her cry.


                That night I saw mother earth, I was of no power to talk to her. A week after, someone knock at my door; surprisingly it was Mother Earth, smiling. Fetched me for an activity done nearby, land protection is it, a symposium and an activity after. Once again I saw her hands, filled with dirt; I guess that’s how she badly wants to protect the world. One step at a time, we’re cleaning, organizing, rebuilding, land conversation on foods, crops and for biodiversity. Until you came, again, I thought you were to help us rather, it was only at first. The land we used to take care off, it was full of tall building, skyscrapers, filled with bridges, factories and malls, one by one; you’re depleting our ecosystem, our land. And from then I neither hear nor see signs of Mother Earth.


                And I went for a jog, it was still too early in the morning yet the temperature  seemed too hot for that time, smokes rather than fog were seen, bright fires, and loud noises everywhere. I was ferocious that time, but I gave up, I dozed in sleep not knowing any reason. Woke up, I’m in the hospital, and Mother Earth was there, crying, she don’t want to tell me but I beg, I have a cancer, and I don’t any time. She blamed herself for this, she was in awe, I felt numb, helpless. And she told me everything.


                I’m the beholder, I was so pure that time when all was bestowed on my hands, the trees you see, the land you walk on, the air you breathe, the water you drink, the animals you cared, the nature we live in. You were the eye of everything, from what we’ve started, we took cared off. Everything was lovely and innocent, until a virus came, changed the persons perspective a shift of faith. Then they started it, throwing garbage’s anywhere, polluting, killing animals, cutting down trees and other human activities that they merciless put the experience on my living. And I did not do anything; I wept and cried many times, wished and prayed for change. And I’m sorry.


                And that’s how it hit me, I was about to talk, but I can’t, she was crying, but I was numb, my whole body was numb, I was about to close my eyes, but I saw Mother Earth with a faint smile. But why?


                I was reincarnated, born in a place, a village where trees are not seen, clouds are not bright, a stream dirty and dark. Grew up like this, I remembered Mother Earth before I died, remembered the smile, don’t know what that was for. I went for a trip, went to places. Shocked with disbelief and disappointment, disgusted and was hurt. I know now what Mother Earth felt. I cried, I wept, I lay helpless, closed my eyes, and then saw Mother Earth again with a faint smile.


                And from then I became an activist, a student activist on promoting and restoring nature. That night it hit me, that smile was a sign; I can be a voice for her, for all to save the world. I became president on clubs, promoting and reforming environmental laws. Planting trees, conducting clean-ups, held symposiums, and became the voice of the hurt Mother Earth. It’s a long process, but through unity, the devastated can become at peace once more, we must always be complacent of what attributes we possessed, and by helping hands, the faint smile I saw can become a wider and a natural one.


                I wish I was never reincarnated to this day, I wish I was still there with her. Guess, reincarnation became a way, to be the voice to all mankind on how; she must be taken care off.

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  1. Seth Fernandez says:

    Loved it, hope many could read this. Superb writing.

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