Why are some people scared of gender equality? Why are some people scared of the term feminism? There is nothing spooky about it; it is just a bunch of men and women and their wish to break through barriers that have separated families and society for so long. This topic has always lead to misunderstanding, mostly related to the thought that feminism means giving more power to women than men in worldwide issues. That deceitful and unreal thought has caused much controversy around the world, especially in the millennial generation. That is the reason why we should educate the rising generation about gender equality and feminism. It is important these young boys and girls to understand the real meaning of equality and how beneficial it can be for every one of us.

For many decades, women have fought against a chauvinistic society where living, professional and beauty standards are established by men. Women couldn’t work, or buy a house for themselves, or get higher levels of education, or even vote for the people who would represent them in the government. They went a long way of protesting, petitioning, public speaking and resisting until they gained some kind of freedom, or equality. Their success is evident by the drastic development of equal rights but still, there is a lot more to fix; not only in the United States but in the whole world.

Ludicrous gender roles in our society that were established centuries ago are still prominent in our everyday life. “You can’t play with cars.” “You have to learn how to cook; otherwise no man will marry you.” “Why do you want to be a pilot? That’s no job for a lady.” Every day young girls across the globe hear these complaints about their behavior from family, friends and even teachers because of their expectations on how a lady should behave. The same thing goes for boys. Why are we permitting stereotypes like these to control our lives and development as a nation? Why can’t we accept that we are all born different but we have the right to be just who we are? Even the person we can or cannot love is decided by a close-minded society blinded by tradition.

Another example of gender equality is sexual orientation. Homosexual love is still love. You cannot control who you fall in love with and neither can we control who our neighbor wants to spend the rest of his life with because that is something that lives inside us. As a society have to understand that we are not supposed to think the same way. Homosexual and transgender people have to live in a box most of their lives, hidden from the critics of people who want to control the way they love and the way others love. It must be very sad for someone who loves another and wishes to spend the rest of their lives together but some unfair government decides they cannot marry because it is “immoral”. How can it be possible? As a heterosexual person, I would be devastated if someone told me I cannot marry the person I love simply because they state it is wrong. Why is it wrong? Nobody knows; you just can’t.

Feminism is equally important when discussing gender equality. It is also important to clear some doubts about the term “feminism”. Feminism is not only about the rights of the female sex; it’s about the rights of each human being. Men should defend feminism because it affects their rights too. The feminist movement struggles to break those unfair gender roles that have been imposed upon our society. Men do not have to always pay on the first date. Women can open doors by themselves. Men can be single fathers as well as women can be single mothers. Feminism fights against the traditional “men are the strong sex” and the common “girls are like delicate flowers”. Boys, you can cry if you feel the need to. Girls, you can be much more than a pretty flower.

To conclude, I must state that gender equality is all about having the same opportunity to live in your own way; it is about going through the path of life without unnecessary obstructions on being yourself or achieving your goals based on your gender. I want my children to grow old without any stereotypes changing who they are or closing doors to them. If my daughter aspires to be a professional basketball player I don’t want that to become impossible for her, neither being criticized by her choice. I would make sure that if my baby boy enjoys playing with dolls, he gets one for his own. Someday he will be a father; he will know how to care for his children. My boy would never view women as a sexual object nor would my daughter offend another girl based on what she is wearing. I want my daughter to decide if either she wants to marry and have children or not. I want my son to respect and be respected…I don’t want them to judge anybody based on their gender. We can’t let the future generations forget how hard was the journey to achieve equality because only in that way they will understand the value of morality and justice. Let our children believe in feminism and the development of humanity. Boy, girl, heterosexual, homosexual or transgender, your rights should be the same as mine, because just like you, I am human.

Hi. My name is Adianez Velez Martinez. I'm from Sabana Grande, PR . I'm 16 years old and a senior in Luis Negron Lopez High School. Care to read my essay on Gender Equality on the following link: http://csrmatch.org/equality-as-a-universal-right/ . Thank you!

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  1. Solyvette says:

    It is an excelent explanations of this theme. Congratulations Princess!!!!!

  2. Janfra says:

    Te felicito, excelente artículo. ¡Éxito!

  3. René says:

    “Boy, girl, heterosexual, homosexual or transgender, your rights should be the same as mine, because just like you, I am human.”


  4. Mariely Rosado says:

    What a great article! Feminism is a term to defend both, men and women equality rights. People need to educate themselves in order to make a statement and avoid judging with an empty argument. You go girl!

  5. Lisandro A. Quinones says:

    Excellent! I’m agree with your exposition!

  6. Mariely Martinez says:

    The whole problem lies in exhibitionism, debauchery, and respect. We have to learn to be tolerant and to maintain principles and values. Good work, your are the best.

  7. Natalia Mercado Bonilla says:

    The point was nicely proyected ????

    • Kailin says:

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  8. Andrea Nicole Rosado says:

    I love it! I am so proud of you baby!!

  9. Kinaisha Montalvo says:


  10. Esaú J. Alicea Holandez says:

    Interesting. I completely agree

  11. ABIGAIL says:

    It’s was nice

    • Caroline Vargas says:

      Be yourself no matter what.. only God can judge us (:

    • Gabby says:

      Desmond, I agree, freedom of association is a “fadaumentnl human right”, as liberals might call it – if they actually believed in rights.I simply recognize it as a biological imperative. Humans cannot control what attracts or revulses them. I don’t expect or desire to associate with someone who pretends they can.

  12. Edison Ortiz says:

    Excellent !!! When
    I read your essay, I remmembered that many of the old science discoveries were done by women, but only men can reported these observations because women did not have equal rights. Today, I think that men and women can have the same opportunities to progress in life.

  13. Fabian says:

    Excelente! Me gusto mucho! Exito se que lo tendrás ????

  14. Anushkannette Montalvo says:

    Good job!!

  15. Alexis Lamboy says:

    Great article .

  16. Bryant Velazquez says:

    Great essay Adianez!!! It’s really well!

  17. Anthony Polanco says:

    Very proud of your work.

  18. Abiel J. Acosta López says:

    Creo que ya ganaste!

  19. Daly says:

    You have a great point.

    Great essay

  20. Agnelis Berrocales says:

    I agree! Great job!

  21. Ivan Joel Vega Padilla says:

    I will always be proud of you and I will always help you in what I can. This is really good. Keep up the good work.

  22. Alexandra Acosta says:

    Love it!!! Éxito????

  23. Nancy Martinez says:

    I am proud of you, young lady. You will be the future President of the United State, count with my vote????. Excellence essay and great message to the society. Love no more hate.

  24. Sebastian Vázquez says:

    I really liked this essay. It explains so many topics some people confuse. This is the best way for society to be molded into the way it should be; free from discrimination and letting each individual successfully develop in the way they would like.

    Awesome essay, Adianez !

  25. Naerol E. Alicea says:

    To who ever wrote this, you cannot be more correct. We woman or men or homosexuals or transgenders should not be limited or judge by what we choose to live like.
    We have the same right as others have.

  26. Flavio J. Zúñiga says:

    Muy buen artículo. Creo que debiste abundar en la parte que dices que el matrimonio gay “está mal porque algunos lo dicen”. Debiste decir que hay un sector moralista/religioso/conservador que explica con lujo de detalles porque el matrimonio gay está mal…e incluir sus razones en tu artículo. By the way, no estoy de acuerdo con esa postura…pero no debiste decir que “nadie sabe” porque el matrimonio gay está mal…
    Solo esa sugerencia. Por lo demás, muy buen trabajo.

    ¡Sigue adelante!

  27. STEPHANIE says:


  28. Iris says:


  29. Jonnattan Velez says:

    Very good article. A lot of people need to be educated

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  30. Jonnattan Velez says:

    Very good article. A lot of people need to be educated.

  31. Iris I Ortiz says:

    Excellent. I completely agree. Good job.

    • Valjean says:

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  32. Miguel Pérez says:

    I also agree, because we are all different.

  33. Luis says:

    That was a very interesting topic and well explained

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  37. Annamí says:

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  40. Harambe says:

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  41. Khariana Vega says:

    Good job

  42. Damaris Torres says:

    Good theme! Love it

    • Woods says:

      Thank you, Ron, for your words for us – the ouresdsti. I know it must have pained you to write these words. Take care, my friend, and know that Susie will never be gone from our hearts. All of us are there with you in spirit as you make her passing a little bit easier – a little bit softer. Caress her hand for me, would ya?

  43. It’s a great article.. be yourself no matter what (:

  44. Lizmarie Berrrocales says:

    I agree with her because no matter what, we are all humans and should have the same rights.

  45. Luz Ortiz says:

    Excelente ensayo,te felicito

  46. Ivonne Lopez says:

    Tremendo artículo. Todos somos iguales para Dios.

  47. Adriana Del Rey says:

    Beautifully written, so proud of my baby.

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  55. Caroline Nazario says:

    Excelente trabajo! Dios te bendiga! Sigue adelante….llegarás lejos!

  56. Adriana Rivera Almodovar says:

    It is an excellent wording, with valid points and a very constructive criticism of exhortation to reflection, congratulations.

  57. Yarisis says:

    Excellent. Good job. Surprising that at your age you can have a mind so bright and open

  58. Alma Román Vélez says:

    Exelente artículo! Un poco más de contenido explicativo sería mi sugerencia y opinión constructiva. Me encantó, mucho éxito!!

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    You’re my inspiration, my idol, my icon y sobre todo mi reina. Muy talentosa, sigue adelante 😉 :*

  61. Samantha Payne says:

    Estoy muy orgullosa de ti hija, te pareces tanto a tu padre biológico.

  62. Yleis Vanessa says:

    Adianez ya me siento orgullosa. ¡Sororidad!

    • Jalen says:

      Her husband, Tom Posten, passed this past spring. Interesting how that works. Supposedly they had fallen in love in the early 60′s but were married to others. It wa;#n&8217st until their later years that they got together.

  63. Luis Lopez says:

    Wao this really shoked me as a human being, love this essay!! Keep it up:)

  64. Nashaly Nazario says:

    Good essay ????

  65. Rosa Rosario says:

    Éxito… adelante ..

  66. Lydiannette Torres says:

    Congrats! An amazing way to express about such a complex theme!
    Keep up!!

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  75. Adriana Pérez says:

    Te deseo mucho éxito!!!! Adelante con tus sueños.

  76. Serafín Justiniano says:

    Well written. I agree that the government should not make choices concerning morality. But, do we really know who we are?

  77. Maria M. Berrocales says:

    We need to be prepare for everything that hv alot of changes & discrimination against anyone… Also every human needs to learned & hv a open mind to see that we HV the same rights of any gender because we can’t be the same of others humans… We hv the same right to express our sincere opinion & learned more everyday from others people’s thoughts… Be independent person who can speak & express dear on opinions on any situations that we hv on our lifestyle…. Great job on this published…. Keep going & reach your goals…

  78. Kaden says:

    Now I feel stpiud. That’s cleared it up for me

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