Inequality. So much inequality within the countries that reside on this planet earth. But within inequality, there are different sub-categories that reside in this unfortunate reality that the world we exist in. For an instance, there is gender based inequality. The bias that women or any other gender is inferior to a heterosexual male. LGBTQ+ based inequality, that can cause someone to lose their jobs, home, and in certain countries, their life. Age inequality, or ageism suggests that young living soul in the age range of eight to nineteen is too young to decide what humanity is. Or perhaps a individual older than fifty is classified as someone of whom is ‘old school’ and cannot face what today’s society is. Regardless, these are all kinds on inequalities and there are many more than what I would be able to list.

Gender inequality is known around the world. From television to video games, the females we are taught, are supposed to be damsels in distress while the strong male counterpart comes to save us. Women are least likely to get promoted in a business setting due to the unfortunate fact that managers or CEO’s usually promote males to save the ladies the ‘stress of doing a man’s job.’ In some business scenarios male managers would only hire female’s for eye candy. As this regardless, makes a woman feel violated, weak, or insecure. Solving gender based inequality is not as simple as approaching a sexist employer and telling  them to square up. However, women’s rallies around the world can shape someone’s perspective in a positive way. Equality is a constant fight, and electing leaders whom are not sexist could definitely bring some change.

LGBTQ+ inequality effects people in the LGBTQ+ community and allies across the globe. In thirteen countries such as Sudan, Iran, and Yemen, being a part of this community is punishable by death. In seventeen countries such as Egypt, Libya, and Qatar, it is illegal to be LGBTQ+. Through the many LGBTQ+ rallies held every year, and the celebration of pride month. There has been many countries within the past few years that have legalized marriage and LGBTQ+ equality around the world. But the most important factor in acceptance is education. There are many living people who do not accept people based on sexuality and gender identity, and there are those whom are too arrogant to listen. But reintroducing this topic helps, and educating people on the topic of different sexual orientations and gender identities works. Knowledge is key when fighting for the rights of yourself and others. With the power to educate the people around us, we could have the power of bringing many other countries to legalizing marriage equality.  By again, electing leaders of which believe in freedom and love, we can legalize marriage equality is so many other places.

Ageism is targeted to people both young and old. Younger folk are told they cannot do a certain job because they are too young. Or that a teenager should not have an input simply because they are ‘too nave.’ It is often the same with older individuals. Older folk are declined as potential employees due to the thought that they are ‘not strong enough’ or ‘old schooled.’ which is quite the shame. Like in gender inequality, it is not as simple as telling employers to square up. But education is key. Younger folk have an opinion and have the option to pick right from wrong. While older individuals have more life experience and wisdom to offer to younger folk. Regardless, everyone has the potential to learn from others input or experiences, and that is what others need to learn from, instead of judging someone for whom they appear to be.

When summarizing inequalities, it is quite infuriating to know that these are realities. Gender inequality is the situation of which women or another whom is not a heterosexual male, is treated as if they are inferior. LGBTQ+ inequality is demonstrated when someone is imprisoned for the cause that they love someone that the laws they are under says they shouldn’t. Or perhaps when an individual is refused entry into a building. Ageism, though not spoken of often, is shown almost every day in modern society. In the eyes of this inequality, younger individuals are to ‘naive’ to do a job given to an adult individual, and older people are refused simply because they are too ‘old school.’ This unfortunate reality is something that encourages us to fight for our rights as people. If we continue to fight peacefully for our rights, perhaps we can bring equality to our friends across the globe.


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A teenage girl in her sophomore year in high school. A fan of reading, writing, and history. Writes quite a bit, whether it be poetry, historical fiction, or nonfiction. Constantly researches global history, ancient classics, and other languages.

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