The way towards a man’s heart starts from it’s heart         

                  These lines clearly mention that the way to impress anyone starts from the journey to fulfill one’s stomach.

                 Food without saying anything displays our love and affection towards someone.

                 But, people have flout all the norms of cooking. There is no such rule that women are born to work in the kitchen and they should acquire no other abilities or knowledge to inspire and also to get inspired. However, for the people who think so it is very wrong to discriminate in such an art. Besides most of the famous, successful and appreciated or inspired chefs are male such as Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White and many others. They are not only  source of inspiration but also a role model for many.

                 If one loves to eat the one should definitely learn to cook. Also women have started stepping out their home and working, taking up jobs and making their own space of respect among this world, which previously was considered as to be the work of men only.

      So why can’t man take up cooking, previously considered as the domain of girls?

    ‘We need to make equal pay and equal opportunities for women and girls, a reality so women’s rights are human right once and for all’                  – Hillary Clinton .                                                    

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