Forbidden to be Earth Terrorists

Planet Earth is our home, we should all love our home, shouldn’t we? 

Unfortunately, there are some of us who love something called “Big Business” more than their own planet, and others who really enjoy killing animals just for fun through hunting or while on safaris. Big Business doesn’t really care about pollution, quality of our air or flora and fauna’s biodiversity.

Big Business live only for the profit law, completely forgetting about future generations and the havoc in the world they are creating right now.

But there’s a hope, us.. Yes, us, exactly! We all can do something about this collectively. WHITE, BLACK, YELLOW, RED, GREEN and BLUE people, lets not give them the chance to do what they want.


How can we fight big conglomerates?


The main challenges come from us. If we want something, somewhere, we are doing our own business giving no thought to others. 


What happens if we start changing our desires into things that are cleaner or more sustainable?


In favor of the wild environment side:

they will stop cutting trees down, so many animals extinctions will be avoided.


In favor of our environment side:

The quality of our air will be incredibly better and the smog caused by industries will decrease too so we could have a healthier life as possible and avoid cancer and other respiratory or cardio diseases. 


After some years they will stop manifacturing products that cause pollution. The result of this is that carbon dioxide’s levels will be greatly reduced, and consequently pollution will also decrease. 

Finally, we could have a cleaner world.


Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?


Obviously implementing these strategies will not be enough.

Once we are done taking on industries, we need to ask ourselves: “is there anything else i can still do?”

Since we are no longer ignorants of the effects pollution and carbon levels are having on our Eco-system, there are still a lot of other things we can do. For example we can fight against Global Warming, simply by reducing our thermostat’s temperature a mere 4-5 degrees below our “standard comfort zone”, which will result in the drop of greenhouse gas emissions to acceptable levels. Doing this will also have the added benefit of repairing our ozone layer within a few years time.

We could also conserve energy by having shorter showers or using bicycle to commute to work or school if within a nominal distance. Just doing this alone will drop CO2 levels in the air a bit more.


Another important action we can take, is to raise our children with a costant sense of respect for and awareness of the environment around us.

It’s very important to teach our children not to throw garbage on streets everywhere but rather be informed as to exactly which garbage bin or container every bit of refuse must go into.

This simply practice guarantees good recycling habits healthy for both our country and our environment, will also save a lot of trees (increase the oxygen in the air) and water from being contaminated. Water and air are our main life sources, one allows us to breathe and the other gives us 75% (more or less) of our body’s make up.


So now I will tell you something about why New Zealand is one of the cleanest countries in the whole world.

New Zealanders are educated from childhood onward to have respect for their wonderful and uncontaminated land.

Their pure landscapes has attracted many tourists for years so it is developing faster than what we can possibly imagine.

However, the key factor of New Zealand is its sustainable development which conserves the natural beauties and tourism it has.

New Zealand represents how respectful citizens and countries can work together to develop areas fast and well without compromising the land or the Eco-system.

They are considered as being one of the richest country in the world.  Renewable energies and ecological sciences are the principal keys of an Eco-friendly development.


Did you also know how scandinavian countries can survive just using renewable energies? During winter seasons they can’t draw energy from the sun because during winter it’s night almost all the time there, so they have powerful wind turbines which can replenish the solar panels.


I can’t conceive how it is possible that some people don’t understand a simple concept like this, if even a 10 years old child can understand it! It is not rocket science! I’m sure most of humanity doesn’t care about what they are leaving to the future generations, and this is really sad, but we can’t change others mind, we can just focus on ourselves. 


I hope that more people will have a greater awareness of this topic sooner than later.

Thank you for your attention,  and remember:


You’re not the one, but you’re the one who can make your world a better place to live in”


Hey ladies and gentlemen! I'm a sensation seeker fallen in love with Nature, Extreme Sports, Picasso and the Surrealism. Pride, Determination, Loyalty and Bravery. These are the values I would use to describe me, Leòn Акiяа Meloni.

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  1. You make some really good points here !!

  2. Adelaide Fabrizi says:

    Incredible article Leonardo!

  3. Roberta bacci says:

    Interessante,da leggere.

  4. Alessio says:

    The problem is that we can not change the nature of man, But we can try to change it with leonardo thanks

  5. Giorgia Biancifiori says:

    Very interesting!

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