So, did you learn everything  just at the school? Haven’t you think like.. 

  “Oh, I would not be able to learn this at school!”

  It’s true that learning process in school is good. The teachers is great. The company of friends is enough (or not). The results must be as best as your intelligent. So you can afford a diploma, go to university then archive something better

 But don’t get me wrong. I’m just 14-to-be in this year and I am working as a cashier in one petrol pump station. I have nothing to prove but a photo to say about. 

The manager is my mom so don’t worry. I have been work from age of 11 actually as a cashier and I was wearing school uniform that time. No one care. 

Working as a cashier is not a problem to me. Just take the money from the customers and return their change. Easy. 

It’s make my brain focus better than in the history class. It’s maybe take time, and you will lose your youth time. But, hey, this is my story. You can make yours. 

Working like an adult is not as easy as I said, you just need to like it. 

There were a woman which tell me to be patient while I’m working. And at that moment, a man just yelled to me because I was late to take his money (and I’m sure he need to go to toilet). So I was a little mad and my mood ruin

But the woman calmed me down. As she chatted with me, I told her “I’m still school” 

She reply, “It’s okey” and asked if this can effect my education. 

I said no. 

Everyday I’m become mature and matured. Do I feel tired? Yes but don’t matter. 

Sometimes I improve my communication skill, which I’m a loner at school. And I don’t care if my grammar is wrong, at least other people get my point. 

Sometimes I forget every single problem, which related to school. I hate my school actually. 

Okey stop telling about me. 

Your never find those situations at school. Just been yelled by the teacher to complete your assignment and all over it. 

And that woman, never one have asked me that question for the reason I’m the top student. 

So that makes me think. Is age that make out the rules? 

At 7 you need to go to school. 

At 13 you can get into secondary school. 

At 17 you graduate. Get into university. 

Get diploma, master, PhD. 

(Malaysian education) 

Just learn, learn and learn. How about learning until die? 

My teacher told me, “If you’re in my age, don’t forget what I said. Learning style is worldwide and don’t regret.” 

But she didn’t talk about student can’t working. Especially those under 18.

Age just a number. 

It’s not about doing job or not. It’s about your environment, the company around you. 

If you are still in your comfort zone, you will never learn anything new. 


I'm just that Malaysian teen who want to break the rules in the good way.

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