Each of us is given a chance. Chance to live life exactly as they dream. In this case it’s not gender what is not important but the very concept – a person. We all originated from the same thing. It does not matter whether you are a believer and consider our origin to be related to Adam and Eve, Adam and Havva or you are an atheist and link the origin of mankind to the evolution from monkeys. The only important thing is that we were divided. We were divided into races, into nations. We began to connect the innate abilities with the color of the skin, eye or origin without understanding one thing – it makes us even further apart. When does inequality disappear so much that everyone will have the chance to work equally, receive medical services and learn? By blocking the way for people to study, our world loses future scientists, engineers, doctors and the best representatives of other professions.

If everyone had the opportunity and tried to get as much and early as possible the highest-quality education, the world would have long ago become a single great power. It is ridiculous to call what is happening now – the property of a great civilization, the 21st century. How can you call this century the best in history, when instead of fighting for scientific theories people still struggle for their rights in society? Century where diplomas of some countries are not recognized in others? Why do most countries still invest so little in their development? People cannot get education where they live which leads to a total migration every day, every year on a huge scale. How can you call the world “great” where at some area there is still no Internet not for shallow chatting and dating online, but for the best educational sites in the world. Why, in many countries, the Internet has not been conducted at the maximum speed, which would allow people not to wait, but to get any necessary knowledge here and now. The Internet open us the best libraries in the world in electronic format, dozens of educational sites, opportunities to get diplomas, chances of passing any exams, sitting at the computer at the edge of the world for the price that even a child can afford with their pocket money.

First, you need to be willing to learn. I’m 17 and you can tell me that I do not know anything about life at all, but I know for sure that in the current world it’s impossible to get everything with a flick of your fingers, but it’s definitely possible putting at least some effort, not whining. If every person in the world is engaged in a thing that they truly love – can you imagine how quickly progress will begin to move? Teens should not stand on the street and sell fast food fearing that they will not have enough money. Let fast food be sold by robots, and children, adolescents and even adults learn without fear for their future. Everyone should be able to pass any exam, not being afraid that they will not have enough money to pay for it.

In the third world countries it is important to build schools with high- quality and accessible education. To attract more people to study, to interest children in this. We are the future. We must move this world forward and not destroy it. And our children are even more distant future which is behind us. In addition to getting education yourself and investing your knowledge in the development of science, art and the future of our civilization, you need to invest in children. So that they have moral values, that they are polite and kind to each other, that they know and can more than we do. To keep them following our path, so that they become great scientists, path breakers and lead others along this path.  So that everyone tries to become an idol not because of their appearance, but because of their work. Let children read encyclopedias more.

I have personally been through the problems I’m talking about now. Many of my friends could not go to the best schools, because it’s expensive. At school I was not given the right to choose subjects I wanted at a high level. I do not know if people thought of us as stupid, incapable or irresponsible, but it really offended me. I graduated from the school for humanitarian specialties. I studied economics, history, social sciences, and studied languages ​​in depth. Just so you understand, I was refused in an equivalent studying of physics and computer science. Well, now I’m enrolled for two years at an international school abroad, where I simultaneously study both technical and economic sciences to enter a university. This is the dream that I aim at.

If the best modern powers of the world united, invested money in the development of other countries, in their development and, most importantly, in science and education, then this humanity, this generation would become great.

Let’s all start reading more, studying more, learning more about the world, inventing, discovering new phenomena. All this we can do together. Let us find new great minds and know that everyone in this world has the opportunity to get an education. To learn not so that your parents have left you in peace or the boss have given you a promotion at work, but to study all the life. After all, everyone is worth this and no one should think that after learning something new about the space today, tomorrow they will have nothing to pay for an apartment. Let’s fight for this world together.

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  1. Divyanshu says:

    Good work, science nerd!

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  3. Eshan says:

    Very nice writing. Specially you have discussed about the solutions not only just pointing at the problems. I must appreciate your analytical ability. Good job !!!

  4. Sayed Hussain says:

    Good job and keep it up ????????

  5. Charles says:

    This is a masterpiece ! I love it and I fully agree on all point !

  6. Madison says:

    It’s really good.

  7. Madison says:

    It’s really good

  8. Val says:

    So good❣️

  9. Kristina says:

    Very encouraging work !

  10. Krisss says:

    Very encouraging work !

  11. Vica says:

    Good work, Valentina!

  12. Alohomora says:

    Very nice!!!!!!!

  13. Alla says:

    Cool text, i really like it!

  14. Bamson Joshua says:

    Nice one Valentina make the nerds society proud

  15. Laura Flores says:

    Good luck Valentina!!!

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  17. Eleonora says:

    Good ideas, like in TED, worth speaking:)

  18. Eleonora says:

    Good ideas, like in TED, worth speaking????

  19. Jane says:

    So seriously and powerful. It’s a great thing,that a girl of your age struggles for all the best.

  20. Daniel says:

    Really wonderfully and usefull. Huge thanks to an author. Keep your will. Waiting for your new posts!

  21. OksanaDS*** says:

    Great article! By content with you agree))

  22. sk says:

    I agree on everything you say! Can’t wait to read your next text!

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