Imagine a foot race. You’ve got two runners. Now, if these two runners started from the same place, well, you’d have an interesting race on your hand. If, however, in track of one runner, blocks are placed significantly than the other’s it stops being a race, doesn’t it?

Why Gender Equality became so important in this world??? Because from birth all have one thing in mind that men take birth to do more physical tasks than women, but it’s the most egregious perception going on and on in the mind of the people. There are so much examples where the women have excelled far beyond than man. Whether it is in Olympics, Entrepreneurs, Business Women, Social Services etc… women have achieved as better place as men.

Stereotypically, women are considered to clean the house, maintain the house and men are considered for going to job and earn money. But constantly this scenario is changing in the whole world because of the knowledge and awareness that have vanished the wrong perceptions about the women. We all should get equal rights because at-last we are human beings rather than “feminine” or “masculine”. However, gender does not define a person so women should not be considered inferior than men in any circumstances.

Every human being has rights on gender equality whether it’s “masculine” or “feminine”. In this world, no one needs Gender Equality but rather Individual Right. Hillary Clinton once said, “Women’s Rights are Human Rights, and Human Rights are Women’s Right”. There are many developing or developed countries where the women are getting better opportunities than men. But, till now we have never truly achieved a gender equality. Gender equality is Global phenomenon that affects women and men worldwide.

We live the gender stereotype without even realizing it. From an early age, we are conditioned to believe that our sons must wear blue and our daughters must wear pink. We are disillusioned to believe that we must fit into these socially constructed brackets of so-called “gender roles”. Realistically, we should not feel the need to conform to these ideals as they do not define us as human beings. What society fails to realize is that we are not all limited to these traditional gender roles. Gender equality is not just an issue for women. Men are also stereotyped by gender roles and as Emma Watson passionately outlined in her HeForShe speech, gender equality is not just a woman’s issue but men’s too. Every boy, man, girl, woman in this world has a right to gender equality. If women are given the opportunity to believe that they can achieve the things that men can then we would be one step closer to attaining gender equality. Every human being should be entitled to these equal rights.

Due to the rise and dominance in 21st Century of the social media in gender equality among the world, women are getting better opportunities to showcase their skills, power, potential in almost all the fields like business, empowerment, political background, education etc… The main reason behind the gender equality is the “society” in which we are living. To provide the education for girl the parents are thinking twice, thrice despite the intelligence level of girl due to only reason that what the society will think. I am not generalizing the statement but yes it depends on the background of the society. As there’s a saying “Don’t think of what people will think, because if you will think of what people will think, then what the people will think!!!” So, quit that and start thinking about the education your daughter wants to pursue.

But now a day, the word feminism is used by the women in fad or for personal revenge. They take undue advantage and hide their face behind the mask of feminism for not getting the punishment of the mistake done by them. They want to show the men that they are superior, powerful, skillful, more empowered than men and when that undue advantage creeps in, all the idea of feminism gets messed up. I am not stating that all the girls are same but there few exceptions in the societies who take undue advantages and then all the men have to suffer from that just because of one undue advantage. So, just stating that gender equality should not only be given to women but also to men in the societies.       

We need to educate our sons and daughters alike to believe that they CAN be CEO’s if they set their mind to it. They CAN be political leaders if they work hard. They CAN pursue their dreams if they push themselves and break the gender stereotype. The next generation of girls and boys could well be the ones to narrow our nation’s wide gender gap. However, will the gap ever be fully closed? Or will gender equality be one of those global issues that cannot be truly achieved?

The much motivating line for me from a movie in this world is “Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine – The Imitation Game”.

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I am a student pursuing mechanical engineering in Government College in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. I am very curious when it comes to solve a cube and want to become cuber. I am very enthusiastic about social services. I love to read and also to collect books.

16 Comments » for Gender Equality – An Individual’s Right
  1. Arpit says:

    Superb one brother ????????????

  2. Munjal says:

    Beautifully written.

  3. Hiren says:

    Its a important thing which we people are must aware about this gender equality.Dont differentiate the human being.All humans are equals & they can do everything wherever they are man’s or woman’ be change!! Thank you..

  4. Patel miral says:

    Nisarg i feel too much proud on u because of your thoughts about women.. I salute u all guys.. Which has thoughts like as u…????

  5. Meet Shah says:

    True scenario of today’s world.

  6. Ghanshyam patel says:

    Very good Nisarg my son. I always proud of you. Nice thinking.

  7. Ritik Gajjar says:


  8. Pankaj Patel says:

    Nice work…!!!

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