This world has been through world wars, various battles and several “revolutions”, so it’s flabbergasting that you’re sitting in some corner in the world reading an essay about how a sixteen year old wants women to have the same rights as men, socially and politically. 

I’m not going to say that women are oppressed. I don’t believe in this and I frown at people who teach little girls that they’re not considered as strong-willed as the boys they go to school with. It’s 2017 and I believe we’ve come to a point where it’s not surprising to see a woman CEO or a man working at home. 

However, socially, it’s a totally different scene. I come from a family where my grandmother scorned my mother for giving birth to a baby girl. You can only imagine her state when her second child was also a girl. In school we were taught the differences between genders when our teachers made sure we never mingled too much with the boys. On the other hand, boys were raised to be “stronger”, and that every tear they shed made them less of a person. By the time I became a teenager, my bedtime was strict and I wasn’t allowed to leave the house when the sun went down. I didn’t mind this until I saw my male teenage neighbour strolling the streets, carefree. I never questioned them because the news on my television screen made sure I knew. 

From assault and abuse to rape and murder, my young mind was instilled with fear. I didn’t complain about my curfew. Even when I had to go out late, I was equipped with a pepper spray, much like I was stepping into a battlefield. It made me hate the ways of the world. I couldn’t blame men, but I could blame the society. 

And it all starts with the little things. We’ve all heard things like “don’t sit like that, you’re a girl”, “boys don’t cry!”, “she’s a woman, her only purpose is to bear kids”, “a man is the breadwinner” an endless list. I’ve been a first hand witness to these comments and I could do nothing about it. But now I have a voice. And I’m not afraid to use it; you shouldn’t be either 

We’re an ever growing society. The society is made up of us, and being the youngsters of the generation puts a major responsibility on us. We are the future. It all boils down to us. We can use the voice we’re given, or choose the path of ignorance. The choice is ours. 

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3 Comments » for Gender equality: the new Atlantis
  1. Aishwarya says:

    I agree with everything that you above mentioned. *Sighs* Wish we could change people’s mindsets.

  2. Hajira zainab says:

    This was something i totally agree with.we live in a society where men are treated superior and it only is because of the mindset of our society and people like you are like a blessing cuz by writing such articles and making ppl realise this shit and having a firm voice and being non-ignorant about this is what we need.i loved your article way too much❤ and i support your views totally and surely i will be active in this firm???????????? i really hope you keep writing such amazing articles and using your voice to make a change????

  3. Dbanda045 says:

    I don’t believe men and women are meant to be equal. Going by my religion and understanding the role of a woman made me have a clearer vision of how gender equality should be. For example in Genesis chapter 2 verse 18 it states : ” Then the LORD God said, it is not good that the man should be alone.” The same verse includes God’s solution: “I will make him a helper fit for him.” Women are meant to be helpers but it doesn’t give men the right to set women’s standards low. Men and women aren’t meant to be equal when it comes down to a man’s job. As a woman we are supposed to help men find their way and help them with whatever you can . Men have a different role from women men are supposed to be the man of the house a woman shouldn’t have to be the one to sustain an entire family it takes 2 . In my honest opinion I believe men and women aren’t meant to be equal but are supposed to help each other and no one should be higher than the other

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