Gender Equality, one of the most discussed topics nowadays, we’re fighting to reach this goal that someday, hopefully, we’ll reach.

When we want to fix something, say a machine, the first step is to determine what’s hindering its work, what is causing the machine to not function ? then we can discuss how we can fix it, that is exactly how we should treat the term “Gender Equality” so :

What Are The Roots Of gender Equality ? 

Why do some men think that they are superior to women ? to my understanding, many factors participate in making a man thinking he’s superior to woman, from which there is Religion, in so many religions that i won’t state any of them below, women are said to be less important than men, if i may say. Deeply Religious people do not have the mindset to analyze and understand Argumentation when it comes to their religion, they will block you off completely no matter what it is you’re trying to say, he has a set of rules or say .. a specific lifestyle that he must make his own. There is also the fact that men are Physically Stronger than women, now this is an interesting thing to talk about, men’s superior physical capabilities makes him think that he is superior overall, the problem here is that we keep forgetting that the body is nothing more than suit, in my personal opinion, the face is nothing but a mask, the body is nothing more than clothes, you are not your body, the real you is your mind, the brain that is carved into your skull is you, so being bigger, stronger, weaker, more muscular or less athletic will not define your value, the body is but a tool used by you ( the brain ) to keep yourself alive as the brain can’t function without its body, which is why women being weaker than men does not make them any less valuable.

So How Can We Fix This ?

The idea of “Men Are Superior To Women” has been living with us for a long long time now, and it is simply not easy at all to get rid of, which is why, you can forget about the present and start planing for the future. For me, education is the key, teach the children from when they are at kindergarten that you should look at others as humans, not men and women, implant the idea of equality in a smart way that when they grow up it feels natural to them that both genders are equal, teach them that awards are given to those who deserve it, teach them that you earn what you worked for, teach them that you can have any color as your favorite color and that it depends on you as an individual not as a boy or a girl, when you take your child to a Toy Store .. don’t take him to a specific area and tell him to choose something from here, let him roam the whole place and take what intrigues his interest. We usually project how we would’ve wanted our lives to go when we were their age in our children, making them play sports we wanted to play at their age and such things, that sometimes we forget we’re raising a child that has his own will rather than a customizable living doll.

After All .. we’re Humans before being a male or a female.






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