One major problem that occurs in my country Yemen is early marriage for girls. This, in my point of view, is the greatest gender inequality that happens anywhere. Girls are led to believe that their only goal in life is to serve and please their husbands, and should a girl not find a husband then she is shamed upon for not finding a man. As soon as a girl is able she is taught how to cook, clean and do all the work that is deemed as her duty as a wife. Her rights as a woman and as a person remain unfamiliar to her and she does not dare to dream of an education or a future of her own.
I think that organizations should have a bigger role in stopping this cruelty from continuing. The first step towards achieving that is by raising awareness of the families before the girls themselves; if a family thinks in a more open way than the constricted traditions that pass on, they will stop forcing their daughters to a life of doom. The second step to take is to raise awareness of the girls themselves, making sure that they know the real facts of marriage and not just the romanticized version of it. They should know about the hard labor, the abuse from the spouse’s family, the domestic violence that come from the husband who views his wife as nothing but a property, and the responsibility of having to take care of children dew to early pregnancy. The third step would be to try to pass on laws that prevent early marriage, which might scare most of the families from trying to sell off their daughters. The last step I’m going to mention here- but definitely not the last at all- would be to offer refuge for girls. This step is necessary because some girls do not have the opportunity to refuse marriage, and are bound to accept a life they do not want for lack of options. If organizations were to offer them a way out, I am sure that they would not hesitate to take it. These series of steps would help achieve the goal of helping young naïve girls to be free of their social restraints. This would, hopefully, enable them to choose a life that they desire same as the men in their environment are able to. 

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  1. Yogesh Sharma says:

    Nice work ,its a very tough topic .

  2. Muhammed says:

    KEEP IT UP !

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