Gender Inequality still a Global Issue: Education is the key

In 2016 gender inequality remains a global issue. Woman over the world still suffer the consequences of abuse because of their gender. Abuses as; violations, mutilations, psychological mistreatment, etc, still happen, and not all but most happen in the dark. This needs to stop.

It is not possible that in our century woman are still killed in the name of honour as it happened In July 2009, when 2 Saudi Arabian sisters, were killed by their brother in the presence of their father under the statement of “defending the family’s honour”.

It is not possible that Sex selective abortion still happens in countries like China or India, where bringing a woman to life is a sing of shame to the family, most of the cases ending in the abortion of the female foetus or in the abandoning or killing of the female baby.

It is not possible that in Guatemala illegality over 3,000 women have been murdered over the past seven years, most of the cases involving genital mutilation, empowered by the believe of woman only use is for procreation, this act made in complete silence, hidden to the authorities of the respective countries that still have this practice in some of their communities (like Africa and Yemen).

It is not possible that in most countries women are paid less than men and cannot afford high positions in their companies, for example in Chile, where a woman on average (with a profession) wins $990 thousand Chilean pesos per month and a man with the same studies wins $1,7 million Chilean pesos.

It is not possible that women are yet seen as sex toys rather than capable human beings as in Chile happened, when a photo of ministers, famous businessman and presidential candidates pose with a sex-doll that said in her face; “Economics are like women, you have to stimulate them.”

It is not possible that only 14 of the total 200 governments are headed by women. Being slightly more than a 50% of the population a female.

It is not possible than knowing that “Gender inequality holds back the growth of individuals, the development of countries and the evolution of societies, to the disadvantage of both men and women,” as claimed by the State of World Population Report 2000, we yet have this abuses.

However as to any problem in life there is always a solution. My long-term solution is education, we must educate our young generations and break the outdated gender roles dictating the types of considered acceptable or appropriate actions based on the sexuality of the individual.

But, why young generations?

Because as it is said “Is hard to teach an old dog new tricks”. We cannot change the minds of full grown adults (women and men) that have already chosen their values and have an individual understanding of the world, and were raised by their parents as children and teenager with this concept of women. Or may have different cultural and religious comprehension of women. To make a change the impossible must be done, as the different religions and beliefs have their own opinion about it, it makes it difficult to overpower the ethical and moral teaching that our passed generations gave us through religion and social constructions, however the imposible is to teach the new generations better.

How can we do this?

We must battle with the present families that teach their children this believes and understandings with schools.  By having our governates implement as an obligation in schools, different courses, assemblies, debates, activities, etc. That explain the global gender inequality issue and how it affects our communities and why it is wrong, as it is a violation of human rights, and teaching them to not remain silent about this problem, motivate them from a young age to treat each other respectfully and equally, we will battle with the present mistaken believes and this generation will teach the next generation the values we have worked with them.

We need to take out from the media (tv, radio, internet, etc.) the commercials that use this gender roles, for example the toys commercials that promote girls in pink and boys in blue. We need to use the massive media as a way to enter teenagers mind, creating pages, forum, advertainments of gender equality that give information about the issue and ways to stop them.

We must really interfere in families were women are abuse, in schools where it happens the same, with laws and punishment that really penalises the executor and saves the victim.

We need to start opening our eyes and listening to the stories of victims of this abuses with open minds and kind hearts, we cannot ignore the slightest and innocence abuses and we must act now.

This solution as I said before, is long term solution that will not happen if we don´t urge our friends, families, communities, governments to act now.

With this essay, I just want to generate the will to do something for the world, because if many individuals with the same purpose gather together they can become strong, and a strong group cannot and will not be ignored.

Young boys don´t hit girls because they like them.



18 Comments » for Gender Inequality still a Global Issue: Education is the solution
  1. Leonel says:

    I am really astonished at what happens in this country, what is the discrimination against women, apart from the murders towards them and the worst is the issue of money, which I have scanned comments that the man is worth more than a woman , I do not agree with that, we are all the same and should be like this for everyone including jobs and salaries and no more physical or psychological mistreatment, support your cause

  2. Catherine dupouy torres says:


  3. Excelent reflexión. There is a huge global problem that involve the complete life the women. The inequality are not visible in all the country. This article updates the informations in different part of the globe and have posible reflect about the dark situations. The solutions is the informations and the educations.

  4. Umair says:

    Great! I think parents should teach their children from the beggining to respect women!! As they grow up! Our society will be better than what it is today! Women in no way are inferior to men and they should have all the rights men enjoy. And Education ,infact, is gonna bring the change…

  5. Umair says:

    Great article!! We need more and more people to highlight the crimes and injustice directed towards women!and it has been rightly said that basic education is the key in solving this problem!! Starting from grass root level! Teaching kids to respect women and focussing on the role women play to develop our society and our world! We can eradicate this problem!

  6. Daniel López Salort says:

    Your description of the problem is right, painfully true. As the trouble is global la solution will be global too, pero as individuals is much we can do. Trough local organizations, for exemple. Also, it is very necessary to claim again and again to the courts justice for a new form to consider gender violence, urgently. In fact, you described exactly what’s happening. As you say, to produce a strong group which has to grow up and grow up. Stay firm in that path!

  7. ana osorio says:

    Good essay, well done, bravo! As with all things, I 100% agree with you, that if something can be done it is definitely through education. That there have been important improvements is a fact, that still much is needed to be done, is also a fact. Both genders need education, with respect and understanding of the multiple cultures, beliefs, differences etc. and with kindness and generosity, for we are contradictory human animals. Thank you!

  8. Valeria Navea says:

    It’s a great piece!
    I’m a social work student, and my tesis is about the gender in the children’s literature. I’m just starting, but I think we are thinking about the same thing!

  9. Nedres says:

    Like :v

  10. Franchesca Rotger says:

    It is wonderful to see other women taking interest in such controversial matters, considering many decide to ignore these issues due to comfort and a socially inherited view of male dominance considered as normal. I remember growing up thinking of myself as an independent woman empowered by sexuality which I only later realized was nothing more than a mirror of what society wanted from me (as a woman). It is extremely hard to recognize one’s true self, desires, dreams, and mistakes when we’re expected to act a certain way and are taught to think in a male manner. I definitely recommend the film “Mustang” directed by Deniz Gamze Ergüve. It surely portrays the difficulties of growing up as a girl. As you said, it is a global issue that includes women from all over the world, from different cultures and age groups. It was great that you included your personal solution to this problem, one that can be achieved gradually and ensures a stable change. Just by writing this article you’ve contributed to someone’s knowledge on the subject. Now it is time to take some action! I’m very positive about changes to come. Great article! Keep putting your thoughts into words.

    • Connie_Espinoza says:

      Thank you very much, it really means a lot for me to know of more women and men that think like us and contribute to the final cause: equality for both genders.

  11. Marco Roblin says:

    Important essay+smart talk+clever points+a positive solution = Great thinker and a GO woman! Keep thinking and sharing…

    • Cyelii says:

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