When we talk about gender equality we generally talk about the equal rights both sexes deserve. But my question is. Is that really happening? Do we have equal rights for both male and females? No that’s not really true.

It is very odious to note that even in 21st century the women face gender inequality issues. To understand this issue better we have to understand why does this happen. A lot of sociologist believe that we live in a patriarchal society and here women are sometimes overlooked.

I believe women are the pillars of any society and it is very necessary to understand that they have to be given equal rights. 

Discussing this issue we find out that women face discrimination in work place. A lot of time they are given less wages. Even in movies you will always observe the female actor’s name is always after male actor’s name. They sometime face problem in politics.

In my country women face a lot discrimination in sports here male sportsman are given more opportunities and facilities where as women struggle a lot. Though the situation is improving but is that it? Do we really think that all of this is good?

No for a better living it is very necessary that women should be given equal rights in each and every thing. 

Today we see women are touching the peak of sucess. They are leading everywhere call it politics,acting,science or teaching etc. For an example Sunita Williams she proved her self when she reached in space. Women are now very successful CEO and that is one major achievement as the cooperate world was believed to be male dominated. 

So at end I would like to say women are stronger than what people believe. They are the makers of the society. They are to be respected and given equal rights


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  1. Samyak jain says:

    Amazing! They way of writing is simply unbelievable.

  2. Jivan... says:

    This is very important Document in our society we all must support and withstand women empowerment
    Sources as well as make our society FEEL MORE SAFE by SOUL

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